Graphic Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Graphic Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

I'd recommend him to anyone who needs help with graphic design.
Working with him has only made me a better graphic designer.
And he didn't just hand me off to the graphic designer.
So don't go anywhere else for your graphic design needs.
John is one of the best graphic designers out there.
He's very talented when it comes to graphic design.
John knows how to combine graphic design and marketing in a way that few graphic designers can.
John is an excellent graphic designer and contributed immensely towards designing our catalog.
John worked for my graphic design company first as an intern and then as a designer.
He is good in branding & identity design along with other graphic design work.
John is a talented designer and passionate about the graphic design field.
He is an accomplished graphic designer and user interface designer.
John did an outstanding job at our company as both our graphic designer and an interaction designer.
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend John for both graphic design and web design - I'll be using him again very soon.
John is my go to graphic designer - he always comes up with the most ingenious concepts.
When you need graphic design services, he is someone you should definitely contact.
If you're like me, rubbish with graphic design, then this is definitely for you.
I have used graphic designers before, but none that really, truly listened to me.
John's work is beyond what you would expect from most graphic designers.
His graphic design capabilities are certainly something to be noted.
And you probably won't need that graphic designer if you hire him.
We have since recommended him to our schools for graphic design.
John is an outstanding and professional graphic designer.
John was the first person to hire me as a graphic designer.
John is very professional in his work as a graphic designer.
If you are looking for a graphic designer - look no further.
Would definitely recommend him for graphic / design work.
John was great to have in the graphic design department.
I would use him for all websites and graphic design needs.
John is graphics design and implementation stallion.
John is very creative and efficient graphic designer.
John is an exceptional graphic designer and Artworker.
John brought more than graphic design to the table.
He did everything for me - graphics, design, programming, and even my logo.
Hi John, thank you so much for doing our new graphic design work.
For any graphic design needs, John is the one to ask.
John is my first choice for graphic and web design.
As a graphic designer, I'd rather focus on the next design project.
John has since extended his career beyond graphic design.
What also sets him apart from most student designers is his knowledge about the type and the history of graphic design.
I especially admire his taste in graphic design and his passion for the instructional design process.
He has a great eye for graphic design and he understands why some designs are better than others.
I often went to him to review my graphic design work because I trusted his design eye.
I can't recommend John highly enough as both a graphic designer and website designer.
I highly recommend John for any design work from graphic design to illustration.
I would gladly recommend John to anyone seeking web-design or graphic design.
John is an individual who will go above and beyond when it comes to support with design, branding and graphics.
He collaborated with my graphic designer to bring about just what we were looking for when we started.
However, it doesn't stop there as he is multifaceted and offers much more than just graphic design.
John is an excellent graphic designer who came through for us when we were in a bind.
John is our go-to person for graphic design and layout for our many publications.
John is nothing short of brilliant when it comes to graphic design and creativity.
John is an expert graphic designer who is responsive to the needs of his clients.
John is personable and makes the topic of graphic design much more approachable.
I recommend him whenever possible to colleagues looking for graphic design work.
John was our graphic designer for the rebrand of our company and was awesome.
John truly set the standard for me when it comes to hiring graphic designers.
John is an exuberantly creative designer of everything from graphics to toys.
John has been one of our 'go to' graphic designers for the last few years.
John did some work for me through a graphic designer and it was excellent.