Graphics Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Graphics Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understands graphic design and interaction design, a rarity these days.
John knows interface design, graphic design, animation, and programming.
Would thoroughly recommend him for your next graphic design job.
John's not just a graphic designer, he is also an impressive photographer.
He's also got a great eye for design, and enjoys working with graphic designers.
To this day, he is the only graphic designer we use for all of our work.
John's work is beyond what you would expect from most graphic designers.
John is not only gifted in graphic design, but he is gifted at people.
He designed amazing illustrations and graphics for our campaign.
He arrived as a walk-on designer and ended up being our first choice for graphic design on nearly every job.
What also sets him apart from most student designers is his knowledge about the type and the history of graphic design.
John shows excellent conceptualization and quality in his logo designs and graphic design.
Him design and general recommendations go far beyond most designers at his level.
He's a gifted graphic designer who delivers inspired designs with professionalism.
He also has done an amazing job with the graphic design for the group.
Overall, his job as graphic designer exceeded his expectations.
John is one of six graphic designers in his advertising department.
Thanks to him, our organization's image enhanced and it wasn't only due to him graphic designs.
We usually provide him with wireframes and he puts life into them by doing the graphic design.
When you need graphic design services, he is someone you should definitely contact.
This gave him more confidence in his own capabilities as a graphic designer.
And if you can twist his arm, his graphic design isn't half bad too.
He is his go-to resource for graphic design, and has been for more than a decade.
His designs are outstanding and he is capable of designing for print, online, presentations or motion graphics.
John used his graphic and photography talents to graphic design newsletters that were sent to our alumnae and friends.
John is probably one of the best graphic designers, we have had the pleasure to work with.
When you look at him work, you're looking at more than just top notch graphic design.
John did some work for him through a graphic designer and it was excellent.
John works magic on anything he touches when it comes to graphic design.
While working beside him, he inspired him to be a better graphic designer.
He picked up the graphic design with computers really fast.
His knowledge of design and the design process is incredible.
He came up with a few great designs and even though the cooperation lasted just for a few weeks, he contributed to our graphic design a lot.
John gave him his first job as a graphic designer out of college.
Not only is he a superb graphic designer, but he really listens to his clients and finds the best design to suit their message.
John provided all of the graphics and website design, and it was all of top quality.
John's experience in the field of designing and graphics is commendable.
He listens to other designers carefully and patiently, although he is a quite an expert in the design.
Ralaena did an outstanding job designing his website, including innovative graphic design, writing, and editing.
His designs have breathed "life" into some of his older graphics and have been inspirational for him.
Him designs make our collateral stand out while 'hanging together' conceptually and graphically.
He made every deadline and offered various ideas to solve our graphic design challenges.
He's constantly pushing the borders with respect to graphic design and imagery.
John's strong graphics and user interface design experience are exemplar.
John is an all-rounded graphic designer and responsible professional.
There was no problem he could not conquer with mac and graphic design.
John leads an amazing team of graphic designers who design more collateral in a day than most designers do in a week.
He is a graphic designer's dream because he hits him deadlines and always lets the designer know when changes in copy might affect the layout.
John is such a well-rounded graphic designer because he offers suggestions and ways to improve upon your original design thoughts.
His use of design principles and his approach to graphic design show him that he is dedicated to creating great work.
As a graphic designer, he is very aware of the client's perspective.
He leads our graphic design, but in doing so is acutely aware of the what we communicate through our design.
Ask him anything about a font, he can tell you everything about it, and the same goes for his knowledge of graphic design history.
He has an incredible eye for graphic design and because of that, made anything he worked on above and beyond what was expected.
You can tell that his graphic design knowledge is endless and he is always trying to improve what he has done.
Although his primary credentials are as a graphic designer, he value extends far beyond that.
His designs were seen on all walls, posters, flyers, almost all graphics used in our plant.
From graphics to site design, we could not be more pleased with the work he has provided.
He is a gifted graphic designer who can take copy and concepts to the next level.
Not only is his graphic design work excellent, he's very organized and thorough.
John would be a great asset to the graphics design department of any company.
His brilliance in graphic design contributes to the significance of his work.
His graphic design work is outstanding and has really created value for us.
John worked for him as a graphic designer during the start-up years of brass.
He is a graphic designer on one of the magazines we both worked on.
John's graphic design work is incredibly beautiful and well-done.
You have taught him the work ethics of being a graphic designer.
Our company that, John is also a proficient copywriter and effective graphic designer.
John is also a very talented designer, so he is very helpful in the areas of graphic design, logo creation and marketing collateral design.
Working for him in several of his projects in the capacity of photographer and graphic designer.
His approach to graphic design blends an appropriate mix of innovation with classic design, resulting in a look that is current without being trendy.
His aptitude for graphic design and attention to detail allows him to create beautiful and intricate designs which always catch the eye.
He grasps what it is that you are trying to get across and does a marvelous job of translating that into graphic design.
Him graphic treatments and layouts have been core elements of the learning design.
Bold designer with a very nice flair for graphic arts, he has a very clean and distinct way of approaching design.
He's particularly strong at mobile app design - the simple, graphic nature of app design really suits his style.
His innovative and original graphic design creations are bar none above the rest.
Ezio is an expert in his knowledge of website usability and graphical design.
As our first hire in the graphic design department he set the bar high.
John taught him how to become a professional designer from a design student.
John is asked to prepare a graphic design for his company, which he did perfectly to the brief provided to him.
John's professionalism, organization and timeliness keep him going back to him for all his graphic design needs.
His expertise in both website and graphic design have resulted in taking our company image to new levels.
His ideas and entrepreneurial spirit are inspiring and him graphic design and photography is awesome.
He brings to the table much more than just excellent clean, coherent and compelling graphic design.
He would be a valuable contributor to achieving any organization's graphic design objectives.
He delivers superb graphic designs that are both professional-looking and innovative.
Him graphics are very professional, clean and on the cutting edge of design.
His insights as a graphic design professional were also invaluable.
John's graphic design strengths delivered impressive results during his tenure at our company.
His first time using our company provender to find a local graphic designer.
Yes, he can design company branding, logos, brochure design, exhibition graphics, animation and much more.
Him graphic design know-how is evident in the images and layouts he has produced.
He produced many interesting graphic designs such as logos and posters.