Group Sales Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Group Sales Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John works well with groups either as a member of the group or managing the group.
He is currently leading a group of sales professionals as their sales manager.
John stepped in to be the pricing manager for our group when the former manager left.
He had been there for several years and we were peering in the same sales group.
John was always approachable and not afraid to get in the trenches with the sales group.
John was not only new to our particular group, he also had to deal with impactful changes within our group.
He let sales management, manage the sales team as well as opportunities, providing input when needed or requested.
John and his group have been very influential in the success of our sales organization.
He was well liked in the organisation, both in the management group and by the employees.
While managing, he was my direct competition, but also my favorite manager of the group.
He was a good manager and his own sales results was among the best in the group.
John brought leadership, and natural sales ability of our group.
He then requested historical sales grouped in ways we had not used.
He consistently ranked at the top of the group with sales volume.
His leadership style gained him the mutual respect of the sales, tech and management groups.
I noticed he provided much more value to the group than most of the people in the group.
John was a people manager and could always get the best from his group.
He has outstanding knowledge of sales and sales training techniques and is a true inspiration for sales managers.
John is one of those managers that understands how to move a group through change management.
John was always a reference for our sales group, and that makes him a natural manager as well.
John is a methodical sales manager and brought much energy and enthusiasm to the group.
John is an extremely personable sales manager and has shown a strong dedication to his group and his sales approach.
John was one of the most trusted, respected and reliable colleague in the sales group.
John helped me very efficiently sell to and manage a large group of sales reps.
John is a group organiser who gets the best out of group members.
John was an excellent manager who was respected by all members of the group.
Not only he managed the group well, but also treated members fairly.
I was impressed by his ability to manage and motivate his group.
John is an excellent manager who is very capable of managing large groups of employees and getting the best from them.
He speaks to groups across the globe, transforming sales conversations.
He is responsible for landing some of the biggest sales in our group and should be considered for any opportunity.
John was very effective in helping my group, sales, overcome challenges in the marketplace.
His humorous and energetic approach captured our sales group immediately.
He is very good at creating strategy and vision for sales group.
He was always accessible and went above & beyond for the group.
John has managed to arrange all this for this certain group of people and organisations.
John is well versed in managing various groups of people, with different needs.
I see him as having the potential for managing large groups of people.
John is incredibly good at managing a different group of people.
John has given great insight to provide excellent sales in our communications sales group.
John took our group through sales negotiation with energy and enthusiasm.
John made sales presentations to groups and performed admirably.
He was always looking to drive sales with creative group ideas.
Originally starting with our group as a regional manager, he quickly progressed though the ranks to become the group manager.
This interest in group success is also evident in his management style.
John was a diligent and proactive error manager for our group.
You can turn an under-performing sales group over to him, and he will turn it around.
He is a performer who will maximize yours sales group and himself along the way.
John mentored many in his group who has since gone on to become stellar sales reps in their own right.
John knows that having the most friends, followers or group posts only matter if it drives sales.
John's leadership was one of the direct reasons for increased sales for the group.
John is the velvet hammer of any high velocity inside sales group.
He was a respected member of a great, results-oriented sales management group.
He has been able to manage large groups in training just as well as small groups.
Him ability to manage the needs of different groups within the company while generating new opportunities for sales was always impressive.
John is an extremely talented sales person with emphasis on group speaking and sales management.
John was always looking for ways to make things better in our group and across the organization.
He has given his time and expertise to myself, as well as many others in the group.
He goes above and beyond in doing whatever he can to help fellow group members.
He connects these two groups to help get the most out of an organization.