Guidance Counselor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Guidance Counselor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Incredibly well liked and always available to anyone who might need his guidance.
Thavarajah and nothing would have been possible without his guidance.
John goes out of his way when you ask for some help and guidance.
John always made himself available to others for help and guidance.
But most of all he could think ahead with not too much guidance.
He always makes himself available to whomever needs his guidance and he will go above and beyond for them.
He always follows up and will make himself available whenever you need to reach out to get him guidance.
He gives you the opportunity to own what you do and to do your best under his guidance.
John knows what to do, but probably more importantly, knows when to ask for guidance.
You can walk into him with any issue for guidance and that is what you get, guidance.
Himself and many others wouldn't be where we are without his leadership and guidance.
If he did not know how to do something, he tried it first before seeking guidance.
He is always there when you need his help and guidance, even though he is remote.
Would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his help and guidance.
If you need any help or guidance from him, he is always available for the same.
He needs very little guidance and always seems to have the right answers.
Immediately, he took him under his wing and provided him with guidance.
Without his guidance we would almost certainly have gone off course.
Most of these things he created was done with very little guidance.
This being said, he was always available for feedback and guidance.
He's done it successfully and so can you, with the right guidance.
To others he's someone they look to for guidance or inspiration.
Clients were always looking forward to his ideas and guidance.
He is helpful and provided him with above-and-beyond guidance.
He helps him do this with his guidance and he can help you also.
He will go far if given the right opportunities and guidance.
He is someone who you can always reach out for whenever you need help and guidance, he will be there for you without fail.
He will not let you down when he says he is going to do something and if he needs guidance he will seek it out.
He has been often there for him to bounce ideas off of and came to him when he was looking for guidance.
He provides everyone the flexibility, but also stays available if we need his help and guidance.
First, he is always there - at anytime, anywhere and for anyone who needs his guidance or help.
He challenged us to do things that we had never done before and provided guidance when needed.
He challenged him to go above and beyond his abilities and was always available for guidance.
People around him look up to him for leadership and guidance, and he doesn't disappoint.
He's found him the right roles and provided the right guidance - which has really helped.
He knows what he doesn't know and he's great at taking guidance from those who do know.
His guidance is an inspiration and he always follows through on whatever needs we have.
He is always very encouraging and there for you if you ever needed help or guidance.
The process is so challenging, but through his guidance and help us make it all happen.
Without his guidance it wouldn't have been possible for him to grow up the ladder.
In an organisation if anyone needs any guidance and help he will be always there.
It couldn't have been done without him very specific guidance and partnership.
Thanks to his guidance we were able to make the best out of these discussions.
John noticed us on twitter and could see we were in need of some guidance.
With his guidance he made us look at the topics from different perspectives.
If you are you up to the challenge, reach out to him for help and guidance.
He gave him the freedom to do so, however, he was always there for guidance.
We could not have accomplished this without his guidance, help and vision.
He provided him with invaluable guidance, which was very much appreciated.
And all of this without asking him for more than a few points of guidance.
Thank you very much for your guidance and help you extended to him always.
With his guidance we have achieved at least that much of an improvement.
Without his guidance and expertise they would not have been successful.
He jumped right in and taught him many things with little guidance.
John and look forward to many more years of his mentorship & guidance.
If you accept his guidance he will always take you to the right place.
The guidance he provided was always clear, but he never micromanaged.
John provided us with guidance and recommendations for what we needed.
Having known him for many years his guidance has been second to none.
He knows the business very well and his guidance was always accurate.
There were encouragement and guidance so that help him to get through.
He provided necessary guidance while always being open to new ideas.
His guidance to him has been invaluable and he is very approachable.
John continues to look up to him for all the guidance and mentorship.
He also provides guidance to the candidates without being too pushy.
Listens to his sub-ordinates and has provided suggestions, guidance.
John brought it all back to him with him understand and guidance.
He tries to be in "your shoes" before he provides help or guidance.
His advice has provided guidance to not only him but to many others.
John's guidance has definitely empowered him to take the next steps.
John then gives him guidance on how to approach the challenge.
His insights and guidance throughout the course were immeasurable.
He can really think on his toes and he provides expert guidance.
Not only was he forward with his thoughts, requests, and guidance.
We could not have succeeded if it were not for his great guidance.
He provided guidance to him during his first year with the company.
And he did this with tenacity, determination and little guidance.
They, too, like us, have found his advice and guidance invaluable.
By that he is able to suit himself to whoever needs his guidance.
Anyone would be fortunate to have his guidance and dependability.
Working with him and having him for guidance has been a pleasure.
He provided autonomy where possible and guidance where necessary.
He is well respected by all and sought out for help and guidance.
Working under his guidance has been very enriching and inspiring.
Our company has been always better having his expertise and guidance.
His door is always open for anyone looking for help or guidance.
John is exceptional at asking for guidance and taking advice.
We have done several seminars joints together under his guidance.
His guidance along the way made all the difference in his world.
His advice and guidance has also been particularly invaluable.
The guidance and feedback he has provided has been invaluable.
It continually amazed him how he did it with so little guidance.
We look forward to continued growth with his help and guidance.
He always follows through, provides good guidance and insight.
From the beginning he had provided him with guidance and love.
Furthermore, he is willing to give guidance to any one of us.
John always took the initiative needing very little guidance.
He always seemed to have the right answer or guidance for him.
His guidance and recommendations have been always right on target.
One can always count on for his guidance or help when needed.
With his guidance you will be amazed at what you can achieve.
He's always been willing to help on deals and offer guidance.
Words truly cannot explain his appreciation for his guidance.
His guidance and help to him during that phase was excellent.
Sincerely thank you for all the guidance and all the best for your new role at our company.
John is sought after for guidance by many across our company.