Happy Performance Review Phrases Examples

Happy Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He will do everything in his power to make you happy and it makes him happy when him colleagues are happy.
He gives him all in everything he does and always tries his best to make everyone around him happy.
He proved that he was going to see it through to the end and not be happy unless we were happy.
John did everything he could to make him happy, while trying to make the client happy.
John has always gone out of his way to make sure everyone around him is happy.
He is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure we were happy.
He's made his clients very happy - which, of course, makes him very happy.
He knows everybody, and knows exactly how to make everyone happy.
John is someone that always looks out for the customer and does what is right to keep them happy.
He is not in this just to get him fee - he truly wants to make sure you're going to be happy.
He always makes sure things are done the right way and will not rest until everyone is happy.
John is one of those people you genuinely want to make happy, because that makes you happy.
He will go out of his way to make you happy and provides nothing but the best in quality.
He wants to make sure you are happy where you are or, if not, help you get the right job.
John is always happy to help and made sure things were done right, and they were.
John is someone you're very happy with our company with, and very happy to have on your team.
Not only he was always happy to help, but always tried to do it as soon as possible.
John is always happy to help, and goes above and beyond in everything that he does.
John to be happy always and make others happy with never ending smile on his face.
John always made himself available and was happy to help in any way he could.
Amazingly, he just seems to know everything and everyone and is happy to share.
John would always do what was right and necessary to keep the customer happy.
John is always happy to help out even when there is nothing in it for him.
He is always willing to help out where ever he can and was happy to do so.
What's more, he would be happy to see every one of them do better than him.
He goes above and beyond what needs to be done to keep his customers happy.
If there is something that he does not know he is always happy to listen.
He always is more than happy to help and he doesn't know how to say "no".
He will be with you throughout the process and makes sure, you are happy.
Aside all this, he is very happy to help with everything and anything.
He will do anything possible to help his employees and keep them happy.
Always happy to help you and if not, he always knows someone who can.
He always looks for doing his best and being happy about the results.
He isn't happy just doing things the way they have always been done.
He followed up and made sure that we were happy with our experience.
He took pride in his our company and wasn't happy until everyone was happy.
He won't let you down and always makes sure both sides are happy.
He also made sure that those under him were happy and appreciated.
His customers were always happy with his our company which makes him happy.
John made all of us happy and he could do the same for anybody.
John makes sure that everyone is happy with what they are doing.
Whoever gets him will be very happy to have him as an employee.
He did whatever it took to make sure the customers were happy.
He always comes across as someone who is happy to help others.
He really wants it to look completely right and make him happy.
They always get it done in our company and everyone is happy.
John cares for each colleague and he's happy when you're happy.
John is one to always make sure everyone was happy with what they were doing and always would listen if anyone had something to say.
He always goes above and beyond and makes sure not only is the job done, but that everyone is happy with the result.
He keeps in contact to see if there's anything else he can help with and makes sure you're happy with the placement.
Although we are not in the same group he has always been more than willing and happy to help him and to help others.
John often went out of his way to help others within the team, he was just happy to help where ever he could.
He did everything he could to make sure we were not only happy with the car, but that it was exactly what we wanted.
Customers are always happy with his delivery and he is always available to help - nothing is too much of an effort.
John goes above and beyond his duties to make sure everyone he works with has what they need and are happy.
He is always happy to help, and if he does not know how to help, is more than willing to learn on his own.
John always goes above and beyond to make sure that his clients are happy and get exactly what they want.
However, when he is available he is always more than happy to talk with anyone and is very personable.
He leads by example and would never ask someone to do something that he wouldn't be happy to do himself.
He went out of his way to make sure we were happy with the services provided for himself and his patients.