Hard Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Hard Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has so many skills and abilities, it's hard to know where to begin.
He possesses all the hard skills that one would expect and excels at the soft skills that set him apart from the masses.
He has solid judgment/decision making skills and his hard and soft skills truly complement each other.
His wealth of hard and soft skills will definitely be very handy wherever he goes.
He also provides tremendous leadership skills that are very hard to replace.
He is the skill of saying the hard things with deep compassion and wisdom.
Both hard and soft skills which are strong are his advantage.
It is hard not to be successful with his skills and positive attitude.
He's willing to continually increase his soft and hard skills.
John demonstrates a strong, and complimentary, combination of both soft skills and hard skills.
John has a unique skill of being able to achieve more with less, this is only made possible by the breadth and depth of his hard and soft skills.
John is a good combination of soft skills and hard skills which makes him an asset to the company.
He is a master with his soft skills and applies them successfully to achieve the hard skills.
He has the needed soft skills and hard skills as well that make him a versatile leader.
John's skills, both "soft" and "hard" will be hard to match as he should be judged far above his peers.
John himself, through his interpersonal skills, made a very hard assignment enjoyable.
People like him, with his unique skill-set and abilities, are hard to find.
John's combination of skills and genuineness are rare and hard to find.
He has provided me with great candidates for hard to find skill sets.
Indeed, he can combine, in an excellent manner, soft and hard skills.
He encouraged me to take on new challenges to master hard skills.
He interrogates candidates to gauge their hard and soft skills.
His optimism and skills are a combination that is hard to beat.
Resources with his expertise, troubleshooting skills, flexibility and communication skills are hard to find.
He does what he says he is going to do and that is hard to come by nowadays.
He tries very hard to know what is going on without being intrusive.
He is tenacious and never gives up, especially when things are hard.
He knows how to get the best out of me without pushing me too hard.
Negotiations with him have always been hard, but very specific.
It's hard sometimes to know exactly how he does what he does.
He has both hard and soft skills that would add to any organization's success.
John's talents and skills are so many and diverse that is hard to summarize.
It is hard to picture any organization that would not benefit from his skills.
He is willing to make the hard decisions and ask the hard questions.
He demonstrated exceptional skills and made hard problems look easy.
Simply because it fits him and he has all the hard and soft skills to do that.
It is hard to say enough about him skills within the industry.
To best take advantage of his skills, the problems should preferably be hard, or even seemingly impossible.
John uses his strong communication skills to frequently achieve outcomes where others found it too hard.
John was able to use these skills to unlock the doors that had previously been too hard to open.
He is known for his speed and has proved to be an asset in hard to find skills.
John has vision and can apply that vision, a skill so very hard to find.
His hard and soft skills combination makes him a unique contributor.
Nothing is too 'hard' or an effort for him and if he says he'll get back to you, he does so with no hesitation.
He never gives up before trying & that to trying very hard until & unless he achieves his target.
He is always eager to help and wanting to do the right thing even when it is harder.
John will ask the hard questions and make sure you are going down the right path.
He gets along with everyone, and it was hard not to smile when he was around.
He wants to be the best in everything he does and strives hard for the same.
He is also driven and will not give up on something just because it's hard.
Nothing was ever too hard and he undertook everything he did with gusto.
He knows how to get things done no matter how hard, or what the timeline.
Everything he does, he does it with passion and that is hard to come by.
John is always thorough and does not walk away from the hard assignments.
He tries very hard, fills the profile and always gives you more as well.
He strives hard to be the later, even when he definitely is the former.
I know you're not supposed to have favorites, but he made it very hard.
He is always effervescent so he makes it very hard to say no to him.
Honestly, it's hard to know where to begin; he is just that amazing.
It's hard not to like him, which is probably why he's such a success.
He understood that soft skills are just as important, if not more, than someone's hard skills.
Apart from his hard skills, he has some quality soft skills too.
It goes without saying that he has the hard skills to guide you towards success.
Ghantous is not hard because of the several skills and attributes that he has.
He understands the hard skills required for each role as well as the softer skills to get ahead.
He takes your soft skills and your hard skills and aligns you with the perfect job.
Professionally, he is very rounded, with polished soft and hard skills.
John has multiple skills, ones that are hard to find together.
His hard skills are only rivaled by his infectious enthusiasm.
His skills in solving hard scientific problems are equally impressive to his managerial skills.
These hard skills and soft skills make him a valuable asset for any company or organization.
As a result, he has not only expanded his skill set (including both "hard" skills and "soft" skills), but has also built up trust with those around him.
It is hard to describe his skills, but once you meet him they become obvious.
Work hard, play hard he was one of the best what it came to this.
That said, he pushes you so hard, it's sometimes hard to take.
John was too hard for him to do and he was always willing to help if he could.
He can get so much done that it's hard to believe there's only one of him.
He always says what needs to be said, even if it is hard to swallow.
John always, always goes above and beyond and that's hard to find.
It would be very hard to replace him as it is not only the skill set, but also the attitude that makes him successful.
John has the rarest of assets, in that he is in hard fought possession of all of these skills.
John possesses skills that are hard to come by these days like loyalty and dedication.
People seem to flock to him and his skills at rallying the crowd are hard to challenge.
But more than that, he also has a number of soft skills that can be hard to come by.
He tries very hard to make everyone successful, matching skills to the tasks needed.
He has both the soft and hard skills needed to excel in almost any situation.
John can inspire and encourage anyone, which is a skill that is hard to find.
Him combination of hard and soft skills is amazing - and we were very lucky.
John's skill set is so vast, it's hard to recommend him succinctly.
John is not afraid to dig in deep in the hard to find skills.
John is a very hard worker, and has excellent follow up skills.
His skill set is both valuable and hard to find in one individual.
He finds the right people for some very hard to find skills and sometimes hard to please customers.
John is a hard-working student, have good skill either soft or hard skill, every job he got is well done.
We can definitely rely on him to help us out to get that hard to find resource or skill.
He consistently goes above and beyond what is expected, and exhibits not only exceptional hard skills but soft skills as well.
He will be truly missed and we would be hard pressed to find someone with his diligence and skills.
John's excellent leadership and people skills were hard to miss.
Not only does he have the right know-how, attitude and 'hard' skills to create complex front-end solutions he also has the vital 'soft' skills.
Yes, he may be tough, yes, he may be hard on you sometimes, but it's only to make you better.
He is always willing to take on hard tasks when he thinks something needs to be done.
Teaching these things can be really hard, but he makes it absolutely simple.
He really knows what he is talking about - although it may be hard to hear.
He pushes so hard he makes those around him better at what they are doing.
He tried very hard to make sure our needs and requirements were satisfied.
Seats were often hard to come by if you were late to one of his lectures.
John is also very honest and tries very hard at getting what you want.
His character is one that would be very hard for someone not to like.
It's hard to come from someone who can help others shine like he does.
It's not hard to see why things get done when he's running the show.
He deals with things, always handles it even when things are hard.
When he has the will it's hard to beat him in anything he pursues.
One of his best traits is he is willing to ask the hard questions.
He will push you hard, but you will come to appreciate him for it.
However, once you get to know the man, it is hard not to like him.
John is also never one to shy away from the hard conversations.
He can be very hard to his subordinates, but also can be so fun.
He knows when to be diplomatic and when to take the hard stand.
In his experience, it's hard to do both well, but somehow he does.
People like him are hard to find, and if you do, don't let go.
Our company is too hard, and nothing is too much trouble for John.
John tried very hard to help him get his position in our company.
The idea of something being too hard to do isn't in his our company.
John embodies skillful compassion, so much so that it is hard not to experience healing just from being in his presence.
These are skills that are hard to come by and can take a lifetime to perfect and he does this effortlessly.
With his experience and skills ("soft", "hard", and interpersonal) he is an asset to any company.
He's never afraid to ask hard questions, but has the rare skill of being able to ask them kindly.
His hard skills have always been keen as he adapts to new initiatives and challenges quickly.
John's unique mix of skills and unflappable attitude will be certainly be hard to replace.
The combination of someone with that level of resolve and his skill-set is hard to find.
His combination of approach and skills are hard to find in the marketplace today.
It is always hard to maintain such high level of skill set, but he has them all.
An excellent individual with outstanding soft and hard skills at his disposal.
Excellent arguing capacity and verbal skills, he fights hard for his beliefs.
He will be a tremendous asset with his hard and soft skills for any company.
He delivers powerful recommendations on improvement soft and hard skills.
In other words, he combines "soft" and "hard" skills in perfect balance.
A soft skill that is hard to articulate much less master as he has.
He has a wide range of skill sets which is very hard to find in one.
Combined with his recent our company evangelist role, these skills are hard to find in one individual.
He possesses the rare and crucially healthy balance between the necessary hard skills and the, in his mind, often over-looked soft skills.
His hard skills in the talent acquisition area are excellent and his soft skills just as powerful.
His enthusiasm and skills are hard to miss, and his clients see the results every day.
He is insightful and skilled in locating hard-to-find talent.
In his experience, all the candidates that he presented had the mix of soft skills and hard skills that the job required.
He would be an asset to any team looking for this set of (hard to find) skills.
Our company the hard skills, Altigee had amazing team synergy.