Head Basketball Coach Performance Review Phrases Examples

Head Basketball Coach Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As a coach, his commitment and dedication is to be the best coach that he can be.
John stands head and shoulders above many of them and not just because he has basketball longest.
He is an amazingly gifted coach with instinctual insight that zones right in on what is going on inside your head.
John is an amazing head and heart coach who guides you gently back to who you are.
John is always willing to coach and puts results and facts always ahead of opinion.
I took much away from his seminar and the one-on-one coaching that was provided.
John has been providing coaching for me for the past several months.
I had many ideas in my head, but him coaching helped me to prioritize what was important to me.
He would be my first recommendation to anyone seeking a coach or coach trainer.
He's always approachable, and available to coach and assess colleagues.
John favorite kind of coach is the one who is not afraid to hit the nail on the head; bravo.
John makes the time to get inside your head and help explore what you're thinking as he coaches you.
He has coached my son in basketball as well as trained him individually.
He is not biased in any way when providing coaching to those who need it.
He went out of his way to provide coaching tips and encouragement.
John is also a brilliant coach, and a brilliant trainer of coaches.
John understands the value of follow up and coaching to expectations and commitments.
John identified and addressed root cause challenges head on with the right mix of diplomacy, commitment, and coaching.
He could be counted on to put his head down and get the work done without a lot of coaching.
I wish him the best and can recommend him as your trainer or coach.