Head Cook Performance Review Phrases Examples

Head Cook Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He didn't even know what he was doing as there was no way he could have known what was in his head.
But even more than that, he just gets what it can do and where it's headed.
He knows what's going on and he knows where things are heading.
Ideas are always cooking in his head, and he loves to share them.
He's smart, he's funny and he'll go head to head with anyone when necessary.
John can also just get on with it, get his head down and get things done when needed.
John does know where he's heading and he makes you want to go there with him.
Somehow, he got it all done, and kept his head throughout all the craziness.
John knows almost everything in depth, yet it hasn't gone to his head.
Everything that was in the back of his head, he got right away.
John can get his head around issues very quickly and can tackle them head on.
John made sure we were challenged, but made sure help was available so we did not get in over our heads or discouraged.
John knows what he is doing and where he is headed, and how to take your success to the next level.
John is definitely an individual who knows where he is heading and will do anything to succeed.
Once he gets his head around something he will always try to put it to use as much as he can.
John totally gets where we are heading and how and what we need to do to get there.
He knows his business (absolutely), what he is doing and where he is heading towards.
And he keeps his head even when things get hairy, as they sometimes do in this biz.
He took on every challenge head on and always followed them through till the end.
John could best be described as someone who is always level-headed and on task.
You don't know how he does it and keeps his head, you're just glad he does it.
And he always seemed to know off the top of his head exactly what was going on.
He always seems to be looking at things from just the right angle - head on.
After all, they aren't worth much in his head - they need to be in the world.
Somehow he always was able to take what was in his head and make it better.
He gets things done, knows when to nudge and when to get his head down.
John didn't let all those certifications and accolades go to his head.
He keeps his head when everyone around and above him are losing theirs.
His podcasting is far-out and has many others scratching their heads.
And although he has grown in the ranks, he has not let it go to his head.
The cool head besides you help you even if you are not in his stream.
It really helped him understand where we are and where we're heading.
John is not only in that group, he is at the head of the class.
You could tell, even then, that he was headed for great things.
He does this all while being quite cool-headed and really kind.
You can't help but shake your head and wonder how he does that.
He tackles anything head-on and will make sure things get done.
John knows where he is heading to, his approach & his target.
His passion is to excel and that is exactly where he heads
When he puts his head on something it has to be accomplished.
Our company another, he might have been the heads-down Java guru.
John never hesitated to take on challenges head on, always maintaining a cool head.
Never one to give up, he will help you keep the momentum going to wherever you may be heading to.
He knows when to ask for help, and when to put his head down and plow through something.
Whilst all about him were losing their heads he was able to keep his and make progress.
When the chips are down and everyone else is losing their heads, he is the go-to guy.
If you are looking for someone who has a good head on his shoulders, he is the answer.
He faces them head on and always looks at them as an opportunity, never an obstacle.
John has always had a strong head for what he wants to do, and where he wants to go.
He's fair, level headed, and would not ask anything of you he would not do himself.
John sits Head & Shoulders above everyone else and would always be his first choice.
He not only understands the space, but also how to get inside the head of the consumer.
John, contrary to most, not only made it in the door, but also turned our heads.
He's not one to choose if your head is in the sand and you want to keep it there.
To sum it all up, he knows his responsibilities and has his head on his shoulders.
He gets things done, whether under pressure or not, and always keeps a cool head.
He always kept a level head about him, even when things around him were hectic.
He did this with cool and calm while all those around were losing their heads.
He's always ready and willing to help and dives headfirst into each challenge.
John definitely has his head screwed on when it comes to keeping everyone happy.
He does not get carried away and has his head on his shoulders come what may.
He tackles challenges head-on and never provides less than the best in class.
You got him out of his own head on the issue and helped him see it more clearly.
He dives head first into whatever he's involved with and makes it successful.
He is also level headed and is not afraid to say he does not know the answer.
John as always, was to the point and hit every issue/set back on the head.
His know-how and ability to get things done place him as head of the class.
It is like he gets inside your head and views the situation from your side.
He keeps his head under pressure, which helps those around him do the same.
His head and heart just really seems to be in sync, and in the right place.
John and figures have always made him want to bury his head in the sand.
He's not afraid to let you know when you're heading down the wrong path.
John's helped him make small changes, to get his head in the right space.
He keeps his head above shoulders, even in very difficult circumstances.
John is one of those guys that just put his head down and went after it.
John, as he is known to everybody, is calm, level-headed and thoughtful.
He helped him to believe that ideas in his head could become his reality.
Instead, he sees the trends few do and follows with his head and heart.
John always came across as level-headed and focused on his objectives.
John is a serious head hunter who knows exactly what he is looking for.
And he is level-headed and reasonable when all around him are in chaos.
His head was always full of ideas, many of them really unconventional.
He's always willing to jump in head first and help no matter the task.
John is heads above the rest in what he does, no matter what it is.
He jumps in head first and figures out what he needs to along the way.
He does not shy away from anything as he tackles everything head-on.
What was all in his head is starting to make sense, with connections.
He has more ideas running through his head than he can keep up with.
John is passionate about what he does, but remains level-headed.
Some of his vocabulary is over his head, and he accepts him for that.
He is Head And Shoulders above the other candidates that applied.
He delegates well and gives his subordinates their heads to excel.
When the name comes into his head, the following attributes flood in.
If he didn't know off the top-of-his-head, he would figure it out.
John has thrown himself headfirst into everything asked of him.
Instead, he approaches challenges head-on and with determination.
He doesn't talk too fast or over his head like some of the others.
John is known for keeping his head cool and getting things done.
John's level-headed patience can get him through any situation.
He has always kept a calm head when we have been under pressure.
John is truly someone who isn't afraid to jump in head first.
He knows how to get things done and address challenges head on.
He took on every responsibility head on and never looked back.
He adapts well to whatever is going on and keeps a level head.
He helped him get out of his own head and finally taking action.
John is the cool headed guy, knows what he does and what he wants.
He looks into the heart and the head and brings them together.
John really is the embodiment of "cooler heads will prevail".
John has always had a great vision of where things are headed.
He made sure that we were always headed to a profitable path.
And he can do it in an instant (and off the top of his head).
He sensible, level headed and knows what he is talking about.
He always led by example and took all the challenges head on.
Our company matter how crazy things may get around him, John always keeps his head.
Ask him anything about our company workstations and he probably knows it off the top of his head.
His our company is he has the head & the heart at the right place.
In his most recent role as head of our company for our company.
We could knock down a quite number of issues because of his head-to-head approach to root cause issues.
John always has the information in his head, and at his fingertips.