Head Start Teacher Performance Review Phrases Examples

Head Start Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

And he knows the value of doing things the right way from the start.
He was never in over his head, no matter how fast things started moving.
He was very well liked and respected by both his peers and his teachers.
John is the type of student that all teachers hope for when their course starts.
It's rare that you meet someone and know right away that you want him or him as a teacher.
We couldn't thank him enough for he has done for us and you'll feel the same once you start.
He never starts out with why something cannot be done, but how it can and should be done.
He always went out of here way to make sure we get the best possible starting point.
John always does what he says he is going to do and finishes what he starts.
Another thing is he also wants to start new things, he is taking the initiative.
And after that, he was more than tripling what it was before he started.
Him braveness gets him to where he is and he's just getting started.
John's can tell you what you need to get started and make it happen.
John understood what we were trying to do right from the start.
John was obviously eager to help me out right from the start.
The thing that made him amazing as head teacher was his shining personality and compassion.
I always found him an excellent teacher; a teacher who is very practical and understands the very basics of any subject.
He is dedicated to his profession and to the teachers who participate in his seminars.
His questions of the teacher were insightful and well thought out.
John is a one of the most unique teachers and thinkers you will ever meet.
John is an excellent and dedicated teacher and workshop facilitator.
He was very engaging and entertaining as a speaker and teacher.
John is passionate, very experienced teacher and area governor.
He practices what he preaches and is truly an amazing teacher.
He has a head start on most people because he's been doing it since way before it was the popular thing to do.
John has been very helpful to not just myself, but to others as well when we were starting at the company.
I look forward to seeing what he can do now that he has followed his passion to start his own agency.
John has already accomplished more than most have by retirement, and he's just getting started.
If you tell him something you are looking into starting, he knows exactly who you should talk to.
When it comes to understanding my needs he has always come through - from start to finish.
He understood exactly what we were looking for, and was there for us from start to finish.
Unlike many, he follows through on what he starts and does what e says he is going to do.
He also keeps in touch once you started to make sure everything is going well for you.
Inspiration from the start, everyone was up and down with emotion throughout his talk.
John would make any company better than they are, from start-up to well established.
He still has the same passion for the magazine now as he did when it started.
He gets done what he starts out to do and involves others along his journey.
He had already found the winning combination while others were only starting.
John really recommend his course for anyone struggling to know where to start.
As a futurist, he starts with how things can start getting better right now.
Knowledge he gives is very helpful for those who want to start own company.
He started off so well that we were captivated to know what's next for us.
Tenacious doesn't go nearly far enough to describe him, but it's a start.
John makes it easy to know where to start and to make some new choices.
John gets you started on that journey right away, very pragmatically.
After that, he followed up on all the paperwork needed to get started.
I greatly appreciate what he did for us to get us started on the path.
You start to believe in yourself because you know he believes in you.
Right from the start he takes you by the horns and tell you how it is.
John was first on my list as he had been so helpful from the start.
But he is also stubborn enough to never give up on what he's started.
He goes above & beyond from start to finish on everything he does.
He is efficient in everything that he starts, down to the finish.
He's the one you start to like the very moment you get to know him.
John is the one you want behind-the-scenes from start to finish.
He is the best at starting with nothing and creating everything.
He starts to get you questioning yourself and your own beliefs.
John followed up after the candidate started the other position.
John is someone that jumps right in and starts going forward.
I am sure his vision for his start up will be exactly like him.