Head Teller Performance Review Phrases Examples

Head Teller Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Not only does he have it in his head, he actually knows how to use it and get results.
A `trusted lieutenant' who wears his head squarely on his head.
He can take the concepts in his head and make them come to life.
He gets so much done in so little time it makes your head spin.
He headed our company (profit centre head) and we were him client.
They wanted him as a heads-up partner, not just a head-down vendor.
He would attach an issue head on and do what it took to get things done so as to get the best results.
He took his time to get to know him and wrote from the perspective of being inside his head.
If you know him already, you are probably nodding your head in agreement at our company.
He would also ask about potential problems to head those off before they happened.
He does not need to be micromanaged and will make your head spin with the results
John challenge that would come his way, he would tackle head on and solve.
He took problems head on, and was relentless about seeing them through.
Across the board, he made us Head And Shoulders above the competition.
He dives head first into everything he does and kills it every time.
It's like, he has everything mind mapped in his head all the time.
Anatoliy always seeks for result but he never walks over the heads.
He can wrangle his head around any problem and come out on top.
John is level headed and can make well thought out decisions.
John is highly intelligent, but that doesn't get to his head.
Despite the challenges he still makes level headed decisions.
He goes head to head with any obstacle and quickly finds a solution.
As an organization, we are much better off and headed in the right direction with his guidance.
John wasn't just another talking head limiting himself to the stage.
It definitely makes him stand head and shoulder above his peers.