Health Educator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Health Educator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is extremely dedicated to the mission of educating and empowering others towards better health.
John is extremely educated and brings health and hope to our world.
I witnessed his passion for health education and improving the health of people with chronic conditions.
Not only does he educate but is inspiring in his dedication to health and fitness.
John has been instrumental in helping me to get my health messages and education out into the world.
John has a fun and 'no jargon' way of explaining health education.
John was easy to approach and interested in what health educators at the local had to say.
John is passionate about educating consumers and allowing them to improve their health.
He is an advocate to educate the world about the importance of their health and overall well being.
His diversity, education and passion in health and fitness is outstanding.
He continues to self educate himself with whatever is ahead of the curve.
I have always found interacting with him stimulating and an education.
John interactions with him have always been positive and educational.
He continually impressed me with his extensive background in public health and undying passion for health education.
He was always educated on everything that pertained to his department.
John has contributed to several first class educational recipe books regarding gut health and gut health for infants as well as chapters in reference books.
He helped all along the way and educated us on what would be required to be successful.
He knows how to educate and close candidates, and will do so when it's right.
He is also charming, very well educated, his success is very much deserved.
He takes initiative to educate himself above and beyond his requirements.
He understands that selling through education is really effective.
He is constantly furthering his education by taking a variety of continuing education courses.
He is an excellent educator - enthusiastic, inspiring, knowledgeable and goes way beyond what is expected of an educator.
His presentations are engaging, thorough and very educational.
John's purpose is to heal you from the inside out along with education on the proper way to keep your body maintained and in proper health.
John is a professional speaker and very well educated in the area of health.
I believe he has and will continue to make an invaluable contribution to education.
John was the brainchild behind many new and innovative education initiatives.
I appreciate his desire to continue educating himself and everyone around him.
John is doing amazing things and will continue to do so in higher education.
I would strongly recommend him, not just as an educator, but as an innovator.
John has inspired me to continue on with my further educational journey.
As such, he always encouraged educational opportunities for his employees.
John was always on top of his studies and he took his education seriously.
He is continually educating himself and encouraging others to do the same.
He is continually educating himself, which shows in his many achievements.
John has and continues to educate himself with more advanced techniques.
John provided educational webinars and workshops for my members.
John is always striving to educate himself and impact his organization.
I'd recommend him to any organization or educational institution.
We had tremendous feedback from our members on his education.
He is an amazing educator who knows how to engage an audience.
John previously had much involvement with higher education, and specifically funding for higher education.
He has a gift of explaining and educating him concepts in a funny, yet educational manner.
John provides true educational opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.
John was our photography partner of our recent educational conference.
His lecture was one of the best educational sessions we have ever had.
He is always willing to teach, while equally valuing self-education.
John's presentations were educational, energetic and inspirational.
He will entertain and educate even the most reserved of audiences.
He works closely with people to educate them on the right choices for optimal health.
John is an excellent educator and will tirelessly help anyone who needs or requests additional training or education.
His forward thinking and attention to detail allowed the health educator at the local level to prove the value of health education programs.
He is educated and passionate about women's health and brings a unique voice to the site.
He is also very passionate about education and often comes up with ideas outside of his own responsibilities to help others and the company.
Obviously he has never settled in, still furthering his education and taking on increasing responsibilities.
John can see what my company is weak at and educates me on how to make my weaknesses my strengths.
He consistently went above and beyond to educate himself on how best to achieve that success too.
John's way of selling is to educate the prospect, so never talking down to them.
John's dedication to the education and success of each individual is inspiring.
He listens to you, educates you on what you need to know, and helps you make the best decisions for your health.
He completely understands patient/consumer health education, going above and beyond in his reviews.
John and his practice to anyone looking for overall better health.
He is well educated and uses that education to add value to any project he undertakes.
His passion for both health research and education is infectious.
Mental health education and mental illness are topics that are very close to his heart.
John will look up the information and educate himself and others when the need arises.
John always provides useful information and education that you can use today.
It was really very informative and educative to be associated with him.
He's also focused on educating people and helping them to make better decisions for themselves and the health of their families.