Healthcare Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Healthcare Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent project manager who looks out for the needs of project team members while effectively managing to define milestones.
John is a very strong project manager with many years of experience in healthcare.
Nevertheless, he is particularly good at cross border/global project management.
I wish him the very best and highly recommend his style of project management.
John had been extremely fast getting used to his new role as project manager.
John is one of the few managers who know the art and the science of project management.
He is not your usual project manager, but a person with wide experience in project management and people management.
John has a big experience in project management, including managing multiple projects at a time.
I will look forward to learning more about project management from him in the future.
John is exceptional when it comes to getting into details of managing projects.
John is someone who is excellent with details and project management.
He is an experienced project manager that has effectively managed its projects towards defined objectives, by bringing all stakeholders to the table and keep them engaged.
He would be an asset to any organization or project that needs management.
John is truly an asset to the project management organization.
John is a very passionate, quick-witted and experienced project manager, especially in the healthcare domain.
I learned a great deal about project management and project tracking from him.
John is a superb project manager with an eye for detail and an ability to manage several complex projects at once.
John is skilful customer-oriented project manager, managing projects in time or even earlier than expected.
His ardor for successfully managing projects is unparalleled and this is what makes him a true asset, to any organization, in the realm of project management.
I also know if he had a project, it would get done and get done correctly with the right amount of management oversight.
He manages projects effectively and understands what is required to make them successful.
His charismatic style of management brings the best out on everyone involved the project.
When you add all of that to him crackerjack project management style, you can't lose.
Him project based management style is an exact example of how things should be done.
Yet he also manages to incite an amazing amount of excitement about the project.
He quickly corrected many of the project management issues we were facing.
He has an excellent aptitude for managing large and small projects.
He able to manage the large project as well as the small one.
John effectively integrated project management methodology in requirements gathering on an assigned project.
He is well versed in all things healthcare, analyses at the project level, and tenacious with each project he takes on.
John is very detailed oriented and knows how to manage books and is always willing to help out on projects.
He conveyed me that project managers must learn not to say no, instead say yes with the condition.
I have enjoyed at how he has been managing the project at have learned much from him.
John proved to be very attentive to detail regarding the project he was managing.
John is very detailed and methodical in his approach to project management.
He manages to see the big picture while he knows the details of the project.
His project management acumen is something to learn and very commendable.
John can manage the details while keeping the overall project on track.
Him management of the project and attention to detail were outstanding.
John is a very well detailed project manager & a developer / programmer.
He was a fantastic project manager; following through each detail.
He managed every detail and the project went off without a hitch.
John is an excellent project manager with attention to detail.
John approached me wanting to learn about project management.
His attention to detail and project management is unparalleled.
I found him very efficient, capable of managing many very demanding projects simultaneously.
John could easily manage the balance between demands and reality on these projects.
John successfully manages these very demanding projects with aggressive timelines.
He managed the project well, even though the objectives were changing rapidly.
John managed the project very positively with a lot of trust and expectations.
He has great ambitions that drive to success in every project he managed.
John was an amazing project manager who kept me continually 'in check'.
John is an energetic, well organized, fast learner project manager.
John is a strong and extremely dedicated project manager with healthcare payer segment background.
He understands the social aspect of project management, better than most, which comes through in his project plans.
The important thing also is that he is someone that can be trusted to manage projects properly and trustworthy.
John has successfully managed the entire lifecycle of many of our most important projects.
I would trust him to manage the most important projects with the greatest challenges.
He demonstrated that he is a very capable and focused project manager.
John understands the challenges and opportunities of managing healthcare projects, costs and people.