High School Counselor Performance Review Phrases Examples

High School Counselor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I would recommend him to any school looking for high integrity leadership.
He can assume high responsibility and high rank in any company.
He is a man of high character, high integrity, and high trust.
I think very highly of him and would always like to be guided by him.
You can see his name and his company name all over the high desert.
He is high energy and high capacity matched only by his high integrity.
John's determination has shone throughout his entire high school career.
John has high standards and he holds his people to the same high standards.
He is definitely a high value and high potential for any team.
Although his workload is high, he is always willing to help at any time.
He was always available to help even at times of high pressure.
He has high standards and goes above and beyond at all times.
I have found that the people he sent me were always of high caliber.
His opinion was help in high esteem and he has been always willing to help others whenever required.
It is no wonder that he should be high on anyone's list to have in their company.
Journalists respect him because he never deviates from his own high standards.
John focused on those things, which are high priority for the company.
He is highly respected and really knows his stuff and in my opinion.
I would most definitely recommend him to other high-tech companies.
I found him to be high in entrepreneurial and leadership calibre.
John is known for his insightful and high vibration messages.
I found him to be transparent with very high ethical standards.
I had him speak to my high school students and his presentation was excellent.
John is one of those rare people, who combined high touch with high tech.
John really goes out of his way to make sure everyone has a high value experience.
He has high expectations of himself and his team, all while keeping high morale.