High School Teacher Performance Review Phrases Examples

High School Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

During all of our encounters in high school, he was always the first one to really challenge me at anything.
John was among among my closest friends and co-conspirators in high school.
John is approachable as was evidenced during our high school years.
He is the perfect blend of old-school headhunter and new-school techniques.
He went above and beyond in trying to help out his schools and do right by them as well as right by the company.
He took school seriously, but also got along very well with everyone in our section.
I cannot thank him enough for all of his help during my last semesters at school.
He made all of us want to do well for the school, for him and for ourselves.
He went out of his way to get this done for the school and with others.
John or someone like him should be in every school in the country.
John daughter went from not wanting to be in school to loving school every day.
He's probably the kid you wanted to be friends with in high school and he's still that guy.
With kindness, he has so many friends, keeping him high grade at school.
I have very high regards for him and wish him all the best always.
John is always positive and willing to do whatever is necessary to further the mission of our school.
He's old school in that way, but don't let that make you think his ideas are stale.
John is my classmate for several modules we have taken together in school.
I have known him from school and it was always great to be in his company.
He did so well, we invited him back on several other school breaks.
Even when we were in school together, he was driven to succeed.
His classes were one of the definitely sought after in school.
He was fresh out of school, but you would have never known it.
He has given the school a larger and more engaging profile than many older schools.
He is the school photographer for many pre-schools and for a good reason.
His commitment to the school is obvious in the way he talks about and works for the school.
He was an excellent teacher who sets high standards, yet was liked by his students.
Sadly for us, he returned to school at the end of the summer.
He sets high standards for himself and holds others to the same high standards.
He sets high standards in what he does - and has high expectations of others.
John is a high achiever with high expectations of himself and also others.
John has been a high impact, high value player in our company.
I've known him since high school, and he was a less smarter and more mature than the rest of us.
John helped me with my daughter's high school graduation cake and cupcakes.
John was very successful in this role and made a huge difference to the school and the school culture.
You have to know in his school days he was definitely most likely to succeed.
John has been Rockin' it old school since way back in the day.
He sailed through high school as a popular and highly regarded student among both teachers and peers.
You would know he is taking the high road always, and with the best of intentions.
Additionally, he has very high standards and always gets things done the right way.
John was the glue that kept everything together through the highs and lows.
He can also handle new things very well and has very high self initiative.
When he says he will do something, he just does it and at a high standard.
His standards are high and he makes you want to be better at what you do.
Attention to detail is high and he sees things through to conclusion.
He has high expectations, but he also will not allow others to fail.
His expectations of us were quite high, but not at all unreasonable.
John has tried and accomplished much, but his ceiling is very high.
He knows what he is talking about and he is always in high spirits.
He has high expectations, and knows how to get the best out of you.
He far exceeded my expectations (which were high to begin with).
I'm certainly looking forward to see him raise and reach him highs.
When he says he will do its best, then you can expect high results.
He's always available for help and jumps in when volumes get high.
He is of high value to us and he will be of equal value to you.
He did all what we ask in responsible and high-quilted way.
He has high standards and sets the bar high for anyone following in his footsteps.
I continue to be impressed by his high standards and high ethics.
John was the one who encouraged me to go back to school and to keep pouring into myself.
John was very helpful to us and we are very grateful that he came to visit our school.
He was reluctant to go, but afterwards he told me that it was much funnier than school.