High-Spirited Performance Review Phrases Examples

High-Spirited Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John does what he says he is going to do and does it with high spirits and enthusiasm.
He is always in high spirits and willing to do whatever was best for the customer.
He gets the job done, does it well, and keeps everyone around him in high spirits.
He knows what he is talking about and he is always in high spirits.
He goes out of the way to make sure everyone's spirits are high.
He has been always high spirited and keeps the morale of the surrounding team high.
His vivacious personality and high spirits kept the energy high.
He is always known to keep everyone in high spirits and encouraged the best out of his coworkers.
He is very positive and having him in the team keeps everyone in high spirits.
He has always presented high spirit, willing to help and always available.
Raghu was known for his high energy and enthusiasm, and his can-do spirit.
John is somebody who can really keep an art team together in high spirits.
His charisma is such that when he is around the whole team's spirits are high.
John is very personable and that keeps the spirit of the project high.
John and high spirited he has the will and determination to succeed.
Besides that, he knows how to keep the spirit high in the project team.
In addition to this he always came into the office in high spirits.
He is definitively one of the people that kept the spirits high.
He always takes initiatives and deliver the same with high spirit.
John is always enthusiastic and kept spirits high in the office.
He is very helpful and made sure that the team spirit was high.
John is continually in high spirit, and is very professional.
He is always in high spirits and his enthusiasm is infectious.
John is passionate with him our company and always high spirited.
He is thorough in everything he does, and he does it with high quality.
What you must know is that his expectations of himself are very high.
He does what he says and follows through with very high integrity.
These are some of the qualities which will take him far and high.
He has been the first name when it comes to high value sales.
He's always in high spirits, someone who is always friendly and cheerful.
He is high energy and high capacity matched only by his high integrity.
He is gifted with high energy, high integrity, and high standards.
John is willing both to get things done and keep the team in high spirit, and that's worth admiration.
He's always focused on the possibilities and keeps his spirits and expectations high.
He's very attentive to his team's needs and keeps the spirits high through his enthusiasm.
He sets very high standards for himself and others and is someone of high integrity.
He did all of that with high energy and spirit, always taking feedback positive
He is incredibly motivating and kept our spirits high during these trying times.
John has high integrity, an easy going spirit, and follows through to completion.
John understands how to get the best out of his teams while keeping spirits high.
John's spirits are always high and he is infected with his awesome attitude.
He's high-spirited, funny, and challenges you when you need to be challenged.
Needless to say, his signature laugh always kept the spirits high in the team.
And despite crazy deadlines, he has always been optimistic and high spirited.
John's high spirit keeps his audience engaged throughout his presentations.
He also always positive in any situation which make team spirit always high.
He always manages to keep the spirits high and brings out the best in you.
He could always be counted on to keep the team's spirit high and focused.
He not only keeps his spirits high, but also the team that works with him.
John helped us out tremendously; he was high spirited and motivational.
He also kept the company spirit running high with his can-do attitude.
He has high standards, always demanding high both on himself and others.
His high and positive spirits have always been amazing and appreciated.
He is fun to be around and keeps everyone's spirits high at our company.
He surely knows how to motivate his team and keep their spirits high.
After the call his spirit was high and he was eager to take the job.
He is the go-to guy on the team and was always high on team spirit.
His energy is boundless, his spirit is usually high and infectious.
He has a high spirit toward his job, always know how cheer up others.
John clearly holds himself to high standards and high expectations.