Highway Maintenance Worker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Highway Maintenance Worker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a very hard worker, takes his work seriously and yet gets along very well with him co-workers.
John is a hard-worker, but to me, it's more important that he's an extremely efficient worker.
Education of co-workers was also one of his areas of expertise.
John has always gone above and beyond for not only his co-workers but any applicants.
John is a well organized worker who will go out of his way to help him co-workers in finding solutions to their problems.
Starting from me reporting directly to him and later as co-workers.
Even when most of his co-workers were distributed across the globe.
He is well-connected, and one of the hardest workers you will ever meet.
He is always willing to help and even share his knowledge with his Co workers.
John is one of the most honest, thorough and intelligent co-worker.
John is the co-worker that you always wish to work at your company.
He is well respected among peers and co-workers, known for getting results.
He is a tireless worker and wish we had more like him in our department.
John has not only been instrumental in helping me be successful, but has done the same for many of his co-workers.
He is open to new ideas, and very willing to mentor his co-workers.
John's depth of expertise, passion for work, openness and respect for co-workers makes him one of my best co-workers.
He is an independent worker and always delivers on expectations.
John is a very detailed worker who makes sure he is very thorough with all that he does.
And he's been one of the hardest workers in any workgroup of which we've both been a part.
John is detail orientated and always willing to help fellow coworkers.
He is not the only detail oriented, but also an inspiring co-worker.
John is an extremely well detailed, thorough and hard worker.
He always volunteers to help out when help is needed and is an incredibly hard worker.
John has a lot of compassion for his colleagues and co-workers.
He is extremely well liked and respected by both his co-workers and volunteers, alike.
John is highly thought of by all of his former co-workers, subordinates, and vendors.
John exhibits, on a daily basis, everything you want in worker.
John is an exceptional worker and very talented in what he does.
He is smart when it comes to troubleshooting and performing any maintenance.