Honest Performance Review Phrases Examples

Honest Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He gets back to you when he says he will and is always thorough and honest.
John is always honest with him about what we were doing right and what we could do better.
He has always been honest and done what he said he would do to best of his ability.
He is the one on whom you can always look forward for an honest opinion/feedback.
He is always very willing to help in any way he can, is trustworthy and honest.
He is very honest with us about where he could help, and where he could not.
He knows exactly what he wants, is honest and immediate with him feedback.
He is honest and always willing to go above and beyond for his clients.
He did what he said he was going to do, usually on time, and was honest.
He is honest and will go out of his way to help you in any way he can.
He always does what he says and is honest in what he can and can't do.
He is honest and always looking out for us without being overbearing.
He kept everyone honest in the best possible way-by being so himself.
He's also very honest, he'll always tell you what you need to know.
He has placed him twice and has always provided an honest assessment.
If he can help, he will and if he can't, he is honest about it.
John is very knowledgeable and thorough, as well as quite honest.
Not only that, he is very honest and will tell things as they are.
Sincere and honest, he was always an example to those around him.
And he knows enough about the technology to keep everyone honest.
He is honest and is always available for any help and discussion.
He is very honest and will let you know exactly where you stand.
Confident in what he knows and honest regarding what he doesn't.
John is honest with you when you ask him his thoughts/opinions.
Plus, he is honest as they come unlike many in his profession.
He is very honest, both with himself, others and his employers.
Someone honest, always there to help you like his own family.
He is always honest - even if it's not what you want to hear.
John has always been honest, and made himself available to help in whatever way he can, no matter who's asking.
He is honest with him candidates and will tell you exactly what you need to know to do your best on the job.
But if he didn't know anything, he was honest about it and got back to him promptly once he found the answer.
He is honest, liked by everyone and importantly, always does things when he says he is going to do them.
He's always there when you need him, he's straight forward, honest, and does what needs to get done.
Also, if he wasn't sure of anything, he would be honest with you, research it and get back to you.
He is always honest with his customers and went out of his way to make sure they were satisfied
John is honest, follows up with you when he says he will and knows all aspects of the business.
He's someone you can count on to do what he says and has always been straight forward and honest.
He is definitely someone who focuses on doing things the right way, and is an honest individual.
He made sure to always be transparent and honest with us, which is something we all appreciated.
John is one of those guys where you ask an honest question and you always get an honest answer.
John is one of the best around, if you are looking for hardworking and honest, he is your guy.
He is always very honest when it comes to how much our company he has done, and how much it is worth.
He will be honest and forthright with your needs and he will never leave you after the sell.
He goes out of his way to get the job done and has always been very honest about the issues.
He is very honest and we would definitely do business with him should the need ever arise.
And you also get the honest feeling that he'll do whatever he can to help your business.
He is very genuine and honest and he would always make you want to be the best you can be.
He will be honest and fair with you always while doing what is right for the organisation.
He is honest in what he is capable of doing and willing to ask for help when he needs it.
He is honest and would not sell anything to anyone that he would not want to own himself.
One thing that stands out about him is that he is always honest and tell you how it is.
He has always been honest and up front with us and followed through on all commitments
He is thorough, honest, and will our company with you to make sure you get what you ask for.
John will never let you down and is honest enough to tell you if it cannot be done.
John is always honest and truly had him and the others on our team in his strategy.
But he has always been upfront and honest about the things he does or is going to do.
He's honest, and will tell it like it is - and will always go to bat for the client.
He is always trying to be honest and thorough with every business he was in charge.
He is someone you can be honest and forthcoming with as he will be the same to you.
John is honest and will tell you what it will take to make the search successful.