Honorable Performance Review Phrases Examples

Honorable Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Working beside him was truly an honor to himself and the company.
It's been an honor to be associated with him all of these years.
A recommendation is actually not enough, he should be honored.
He is always willing to help and always honors his commitments.
It was an honor because it is always an honor for our company with someone you respect.
He is willing to be critical when necessary and gives honor where honor is due.
As soon as you have the honor of our company with him, you know that everything is possible but failure.
It is an honor to be associated with someone who believes in honor and integrity such as he.
He doesn't take himself too seriously, but he honors every commitment he makes to his our company.
He teaches how to get where you want to be by honoring yourself and others in the process.
He honors those in which he has acquainted and befriended and in doing so, honors himself.
He is clearly one of the best in the business and it would be an honor to be on his team.
Not only did he graduate with honors, but it's an honor to recommend him to his clients.
It was an honor to have him with us and we wish him our best in his future endeavors.
It was an honor for our company for him, as it will be for anyone else in any organisation.
John is at the very top when it comes to being honorable and having integrity.
Anyone who has the honor of our company with him should consider themselves fortunate.
It is an honor to know him and to have worked directly for him for five years.
It has truly been an honor working with him and having him around the office.
Having said that, it will be his honor if we can our company together again one day.
He is always striving to be the best and working with him has been an honor.
An honor to know as he is honorable and places extreme value on integrity.
John has always been very honorable and understanding in all our dealings.
He really listens to your specific needs and makes sure they are honored.
It would be his honor to hire him all over again, if given the opportunity.
Should there be ever an opportunity to our company with him, it will be his honor.
He's definitely someone you want to have the honor to know and our company with.
He is the best of the best and it's an honor to know and our company with him.
He is an honorable businessman who gets things done - and done properly.
He is honored in his dealing and followed up well on his commitments.
Working with him has always been an honor and something of great value.
It was his honor to to have worked with him, there are no better people.
Anyone would be honored to have someone of his character on their team.
He honors his commitments and always follows through with his actions.
If you ever have the honor of working with him, you will be so lucky.
His promises are always kept and his commitments are always honored.
It was always an honor to connect with him on various opportunities.
For him, it has been more than an honor to have belonged to his team.
John we could have the honor to have him back for our future our company.
Working with him was not only an absolute pleasure, it was an honor.
They would be honored by having him involved in their organization.
It would be an honor to our company for him again sometime in the future.
It is and has been truly an honor to our company with such an individual.
It has been both an honor and privilege to be of his acquaintance.
John is an individual with whom anyone would be honored to our company.
It's his honor to our company with him during the past one and half years.
It is his honor and pleasure just to be our company within him aura.
He's brilliant and it has been such an honor getting to know him.
It would be his great honor to once again be under his mentorship.
Anyone should be honored to be a part of his team and his vision.
We're fortunate to have him with us and honored by him loyalty.
Recommendations and introductions from him are badges of honor.
It is truly an honor for him to both know and network with him.
It is an honor to know him during his studies as well as our company.
Collaborate with him was an honor and an inspiring experience.
Works internationally, it is an honor to know him personally.
It would an honor for him, serve beside him again at any our company.
It was an honor for him ever being in the team that he leads.
John organization should be truly honored to have him aboard.
He is an honorable person both in and out of the our company.