Housing Counselor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Housing Counselor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He showed us many, many houses before finding the house of our dreams.
He really listened to us about our needs and found us the right house.
John even fulfilled our wish of closing both houses so that we moved from one house to the other on the same day.
If something needed attention, he was right there to help as if it was his own house.
John went wayyyyyyy above and beyond what was necessary to help us buy our first house.
Whenever there was an issue in the house he saw to it that it got resolved.
John did just that, found our perfect house and got us in with such ease.
John went above and beyond to keep an eye on our house, inside and out.
John help us to do the refinance of our house and it was fantastic.
John didn't give up until he had found just the right house for him.
John kept looking till we found the best house in the neighborhood.
He suggested they go back to him and ask him to show them the house.
John came to our house and very un-intrusively followed us around.
He made it so we could move into our new house without any delay.
He found us an incredible house - just what we were looking for.
John sold his house when everyone else said it was impossible.
He first came to our house and helped him go through his closet.
Mission: he wants to help those living in low-income housing.
He saw by the look on his face that the house we found was it.
He helped us look for houses, helped us find out how much house we could afford, and then found us this great house that we absolutely love.
After the first few houses we looked at he knew exactly what we wanted and didn't want and knew if we would like the house before we even saw it.
As we looked at houses, he was great about identifying things in each house that we needed to know about.
John showed us many houses that year and then again this last year to help us find the perfect house.
He did not put us in a house that we loved in our company of house hunting.
John sold our house and helped us find a new house that we love.
It is his motto to tell him everything about this house before we go to the next step and that's what they do.
People who come into his house now always say that it feels so good and that they don't want to leave.
We came down to two houses we loved and he went in the trenches to get us the best possible terms.
Months later he came over to his house and we went through every piece of clothing in his closet.
He even offered us accommodation to help us out until we could actually move into the house.
John got us approved, and we got the house, even though there were other offers on the table.
He would even invite him to his house so that we could relax and come up with more ideas.
The house he found we had everything we were looking for and met our very fast timeline.
John went the extra mile for us in getting us into our house and was always on the ball.
John came to his house and took portraits of him and his daughter, which came out amazing.
He sold two houses for us in three months and you can't even believe how quickly.
John listed our house and we couldn't have been more pleased with the results.
He is very honest and collaborative in how he went about listing our house.
Most importantly, he made the deal happen for us once we found the right house.
He also provided guidance on what we should do to the house prior to selling.
If you do not see it at his house he can create something wonderful for you.
He's a true expert on everything you'll ever need in and around your house.
Friends that come into his house always make great comments about the walls.
Second, he listens to what your needs are in housing and acts accordingly.
He wasn't just trying to get paid, he wanted us to find the right house.
If he doesn't have your answer, trust him, someone in his "house" does.
We left that house, and he showed us three more within the next hour.
John and his company were fast and accurate he got us our first house.
Visit his house and you'll see it full of things he's built himself.
Afterwards he helped tie up the last few strings on the new house.
He sold our house for us while we were living across the country.
We're very happy with our house and would recommend him to others.
We recommend him to anybody we know who is looking to buy a house.
John helped him by buying his first house and he is phenomenal.
As the headliner, he brought the house down with his insights.
He'll also come over to your house to help put in a new faucet.
He got us top dollar for our house too, more than we expected.
He also gave us advice about different aspects of each house.