Human Resource Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Human Resource Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was an amazing resource and was always willing to assist me and my clients.
He is an excellent resource and an exceptional virtual assistant.
John was very knowledgeable and resourceful in assisting me with this.
He is the consummate human resources professional and a wonderful human being.
John is an excellent resource for assisting in the employment of veterans.
He was quick to provide assistance when resources were needed.
John is the quintessential professional for all things human resources.
He has always been willing to assist with anyone looking for a new opportunity and has the resources available to help guide them.
When help was needed, he jumped in whenever he could himself and assisted in pulling in additional resources.
John has also been very forthright in recommending other resources if he is not able to assist me directly.
His resourcefulness seems endless, he is always ready to step into whenever his assistance is needed.
John is always willing to offer his assistance and has become a great resource for our company.
On more then one occasion he has assisted me in finding a required resource.
John is a great resource and will offer assistance where possible.
John provided resources that assisted us when we were both working during the day.
John is a tremendous resource for businesses that need almost any kind of assistance in their human resources program.
John volunteered to assist me with an important study and his human resources expertise proved invaluable.
He always delivered on his commitments, and is resourceful to assist in guiding the right decisions.
He is unmatched in his leadership and resourcefulness to assist his clients.
John has assisted me in finding right resources for my client needs.
John has contributed his expertise to assist me and many others in obtaining answers to sensitive and critical human resources inquiries.
He was resourceful and sought external input or assistance when required.
John resume had already gone through several revisions, some of them from human resource professionals.
John is a very experienced and thorough human resources professional.
John assistance to him was to advise him on issues pertain to employees and their pay along with various human resources compliance.
He's been extremely resourceful for contacts and advice and it is reassuring to know that he's in your corner if you ever need assistance.
John has always been available and willing to assist with resource requirements and finding suitable candidates promptly.
If an issue comes up, he will assist in gathering all resources that are needed to address the situation.
Feedback, referrals, and resources are just a few ways he reaches out to offer assistance.
John was a tremendous resource for me, always ready to jump-in and assist anywhere.
John helped found resources to assist me and frankly kept me from breaking down.
He is not only willing to help out wherever assistance is needed, he also makes sure that everyone has the help, training and resources they need to be successful.
He's extremely responsive and resourceful when we need his assistance and has performed way above our expectations.
John has been an outstanding resource in assisting me from a staffing perspective.
He demonstrated professionalism and leadership across the organization, assisting with various human resource issues.
John is an outstanding technical resource that is conscientious and resourceful.
John has been a tremendous resource for candidates for our virtual assistant positions.
He is extremely resourceful and consistently allots time to assist others.
Him "technical" expertise within human resources is also exceptional.
He is extremely efficient with resources, both human and technical.
He served as great assistance during my course, always available and an extremely knowledgeable resource.
John was very resourceful and was happy to ask for assistance in the rare occasions that external help was required.
I recommend you seek his assistance when you need the right resource - not just a warm body.
He is a champion for not only his team, but human resources across the organization.
He focusses on getting all the resources and assistance to his team and making it happen.
It's great to have a resource like to him to be able to call upon for assistance.
I have met him as a human resources professional, and later on followed is tenure as an entrepreneur.
I would recommend him to anyone who is looking out for a true human resource professional.
John is an exceptional human resource professional that continuously over delivers.
He highlights successes, gives regular feedback from a different perspective and provides resources to assist.
His sense of empathy and ever willingness to help out assist staff members clearly enriched the human resource dept.
He was of great help in hiring of resources requiring immigration and relocation assistance.
He constantly offers assistance, guidance, and resources in all aspects of life.
He's always been a dependable resource and willing to assist when call on.
John is infinitely patient, extremely resourceful, and very helpful to all who ask him assistance.
John provided an excellent solution regarding our payroll and human resource needs.
He always takes the time to listen to your request and if need be, connect you with additional resources to assist.
Putu is really resourceful and if he's unable to assist you with your requirement he'll help you with the direction to find it.
He was a great resource that was able to look at the issues at hand and assist you with getting them resolved.
Managing resources on his end and assistance with timelines, we were able to launch as discussed with clients.