Human Resources Associate Performance Review Phrases Examples

Human Resources Associate Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is exceptional, driven, wise & an excellent associate & resource.
His ability to connect others with associates and/or resources needed are unmatched.
He's a trustworthy associate and has been a valuable resource for me.
A great human being, a very good friend and most liked one by all his colleagues and associates.
An excellent human being & during our long association he has been a very good friend.
And let this be the foundation for strong human (resources) leaders.
Throughout that part of our association, he was always a ready, willing, and helpful resource.
He will be a great dependable resource for any organisation he will associate with.
John is very knowledgeable in human resources and employment issues.
John interactions with him during our association have been very meaningful.
John association with him has made all the difference in our organization.
I look forward to maintaining my association with his organization.
He is well liked by his associates, very organized and methodical.
I have interacted with him and his associates quite frequently.
John organization would be lucky to have him as an associate.
He's very proactive and resourceful at getting the most out of his team, and from tools and resources.
He is a very valuable resource and associate and has been instrumental to our company success.
Let me wish him all the best and looking forward being in his association in the days to come.
John association with him has been one of the highlights of my life.
John will be a great addition to any company's human resource group.
John has an astounding understanding of the meaning 'human' in human relations.
He has tremendous insight into the human psyche and human relations.
He has been a long time friend and associate who will never let you down, a very resourceful individual.
He is tremendously resourceful and imaginative in marketing, finance and human resources.
He was very resourceful and worked well with our team to get the resources needed.
John's knowledge of compensation and human resources was invaluable for our company.
I for one have certainly benefited from my association with him.
We look forward to collaborating with him again and growing our relationship between him and our associate resource groups.
John's involvement in the community and various associations make him a great resource.
He's creative, and resourceful and acted as a mentor to other associates.
He drove forward by being incredibly resourceful internally and by bringing in outside resources to complement.
John is an exceptional entrepreneur who knows how to identify the needs of associations and provide resources and expertise to help them.
John and his associates will add value to your organization, far beyond the first impression.
John will make valuable contributions to any organization with which he associates.
John interaction and association with him has always been enriching and inspiring.
I would not have started the association without his advice and guidance.
John organization that he associates with will find him to be brilliant.
He goes out of his way to please and he is a most pleasant human being to associate with whether it is windows, or being on the same team.
His knowledge of chambers of commerce and their members makes him an invaluable resource to associations.
He understands how to best use internal versus outside resources.
John's dedication to both the association and his employer have always been evident.
John says whom you associate with has as large an impact as anything in your life.
I really treasure my association with him and wish him all the success in life.
John is very proactive, creative, and resourceful when it comes to looking out for the best interests of his clients and associates.
I highly recommend using him as a strategic human resource for your organization.
John and his associates couldn't have been better and this is a thrill ride no-one will forget.
John has fresh and new ideas that are taking our association to the next level.
John is a go-to resource for many and is known also for his creativity, strategic insights, and humanity.
I would recommend him for any position within the area of human resources as he is an asset to any team.
John did more, in less time and with fewer resources, than any president of a volunteer association ever has.
I truly value his judgment and have benefited in many ways from our association.
He truly wants me to succeed and reap the benefits so associated.
John also championed our annual associate satisfaction study and was influential in many human capital initiatives.
He is also dependable and resourceful and someone you want to have on your team.
John knows his teaching material well, and he is very resourceful.