Human Resources Officer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Human Resources Officer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is counting on people and treat them as humans - not as resources.
John was very friendly and quick with responses when requests were made to human resources.
He always listened to feedback about the office resources that my company needed.
He gets motivation and how to maximize and uncap your human resource potential.
John is clearly an expert in the area of human resources and career/job hunting.
His expertise in those areas was clear to see as everyone in the office was using him as a resource.
In regards to human resources, advice and hiring, he has helped many people.
He delivers human resources solutions that are an exemplar in the sector.
John is a great example of what human resources people should be like.
He brings the "human" to human resources, always taking the extra time and effort to make sure everyone's needs were met, with a smile.
Additionally, he is always willing to provide necessary inputs and guidance on human resource.
John is one of the excellent resource in his own expertise area and along with that an excellent human being.
He is always willing to offer advice and lend his human resources expertise to other colleagues.
He is an expert in a variety of different areas, including human resources.
John has fantastic manners, he is respectful, polite and our all-around favourite human in the office.
I can tell that his services in human resources are second to none.
He is the resource and go-to person in our office and is always willing to help when asked to do so.
He was the single person that was on top of all office resources.
John had been a tremendous resource to his team during the recent restructuring that we had within our office.
He understands office politics and protocols very well, and knows when and how to leverage him resources to help the overall organization.
He is also a reliable resource that you can depend on when you encounter any issues in the office.
Him determination, passion and perseverance make him an unstoppable force in the world of human resources.
Best of all though, he's a fantastic human and a joy to share an office with.
John has a keen sense of everything that touches the human resources function.
He was always willing to share resources and help other students.
He is fun, human, engaging and puts his unique magic into an office environment.
He is extremely dedicated to the community and was an invaluable resource in our office.
I applaud his humanitarian work and his global awareness of human issues.
John is someone who distinguishes himself with his openness, resourcefulness and reliability.
John has been an invaluable resource for me throughout my career.
John's resourcefulness, imagination, and motivation really shined.
Extremely reliable and dedicated, he is truly a helpful resource.
He was reliable and conscientious and incredibly resourceful.
More importantly, he always treats people with respect and compassion as true human resources.
John was a key resource in the back office application area.
John is someone who is very resourceful and persistent in getting to him idea and goals.
John goes out of his way to connect people and share resources.
He was resourceful, took the initiative, and always kept me abreast of what was going on in the territory.
He has been resourceful and friendly but persistent in accomplishing his responsibilities.
John was very open and resourceful in completing our partnership agreement.
His insistence on 'value-based' decisions include consideration for natural resources as well as humanity.
He is a very much reliable resource, a trusted colleague and warm human being.
He was an exceptional, consistent force-for-good in the office - resourceful and always a great attitude.
His knowledge of the online space is far beyond his years which made him an essential resource within the office.
I highly recommend him to anyone in need of human resources services (general/recruiting).
John is great with people and a good fit for human resources.