Human Resources Recruiter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Human Resources Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I have no hesitation recommending him for a college recruiting position or one in an adjacent human resources discipline.
John is an excellent resource in the pharmaceutical recruiting industry.
He is handling key recruiting and resourcing responsibilities.
John has been very effective in recruiting resources for my team.
John is an exceptional recruiter, human being, partner and friend.
John is a tenacious recruiter, determined and resourceful, - he never gives up - until he has succeeded.
He was always willing to help out in any situation and be a good resource for my recruiting needs.
He has resources outside the norm and was able to help me recruit on the other side of the globe.
He is very sharp, down-to-earth, thorough, resourceful and successful in his recruiting efforts.
John is a very resourceful recruiter, there isn't any requirement that's impossible for him.
John is an outstanding recruiter - resourceful, articulate, responsive, and energetic.
John has shown himself to be a very strong recruiter with great resourcefulness.
He is a great resource and more understanding and honest than most recruiters.
John is a very responsive, resourceful, friendly, experienced recruiter.
He will be an asset to any company looking for a resourceful recruiter.
John is a tenacious recruiter, who is savvy and extremely resourceful.
He is not always the least expensive, but he always delivers on those complicated and sticky recruits that others can't always recruit.
John is a good recruiter who is always willing to help out and understand the (I'm) possibilities of recruitment.
Very few recruiters have the kind of bonding with candidates that he has as a recruiter.
John is a very astute recruiter with an out of the barrel approach to recruitment.
Not only did he help recruit staff for me, but he also recruited me to the company.
He is a very passionate recruiter that can fulfill all of your recruiting needs.
He knows how to recruit using a variety of recruitment methods and techniques.
John has a true commitment to recruiting and especially diversity recruiting.
He is passionate about recruiting and enjoys delivering recruiting results.
John is a must-have for a recruiting or recruiting leadership position.
He understands recruiting at its core, but is not simply a recruiter.
John is a superb exec recruiter who knows recruiting inside and out.
John was a recruiter assigned to our group to help us recruit.
John brings a wealth of experience with the unique combination of human resources and recruiting.
He takes recruiting seriously, as he should, but never forgets the human factor under it all.
He has become an expert within the human capital and recruitment solutions sector.
In addition to being a terrific human being, he is an amazing recruiter.
When he recruits, he looks for a complete human being, not a skill set.
And the best part is that he is not just my recruiter, but my partner in recruiting.
He is very resourceful with recruiting, especially sourcing strategies.
His systematic approach to human resources brought additional discipline to our approaches to reviews and recruitment.
John has a unique background that encompasses human resources, recruiting and technology.
John is a top-flight recruiting and human resources professional.
John is a dynamic and forward thinking recruiter as well as knowledgeable in the human resource arena.
He is very knowledgeable in both recruiting and human resources and was a great mentor to me.
He is very effective in recruiting new candidates and utilizes all available resources.
His energy and passion for recruiting makes him one of the best recruiters around.
John has always been available to help us with our recruiting needs, and follows up often.
Working with him again would be beyond ideal - he would be one of the first to recruit.
He goes above and beyond what all other recruiters do for their candidates.
He is always there if you need any kind of help regarding recruitment.
I really would recommend going to him for all of your recruitment needs.
I have also used him for recruitment and again he does not disappoint.
He was the first recruiter who went out of his way to get me employed.
John is one of the most thorough recruiters you will ever come across.
He always seemed to be one step ahead of all the other recruiters.
He really does the little things that other recruiters miss out on.
John is definitely one of the best in the recruiting profession.
John is the example to which other recruiters should be held.
I have been associated with him for many successful recruitment.
I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for recruits.
I will look forward to recruiting for him again in the near future.
John will always be one of my little go-to recruiting suppliers.
He also did something which no other recruiter had ever done.