Human Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Human Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is both technically and humanely skilled.

John makes all who know him want to be better human beings.

John is an example of professionalism and humanity.

John most definitely has the “human touch”.

Thank you for all you do for humans everywhere.

I appreciate his professionalism and humanity.

Aside from that he is just one great human.

Analytical, very objective yet very human.

He goes all out for helping the humanity.

John is also very social and human.

Including both professional and human presentation skills.

His human and interpersonal skills are excellent.

John has strong human and professional skills.

If you're looking for something a little more, well, human, then look no further.

John is a wonderful human being who is going to go far and be all he wants to be.

John is an outstanding human being both inside and outside of the workplace.

John, thank you for being the beautiful human being inside and out.

With that being said, that is why he is an exceptional human being.

I cannot say enough about his leadership, generosity and humanness.

Keeping pace with him has made me an all-around better human being.

John, thank you so much for being so honest, human and generous.

John is the type of human being you would want at your company.

I very much appreciate his human values rather than a profession.

Above all, he is an amazing human being to be associated with.

Last but not the least, he is very down to earth human being.

Besides this he will always keep in mind the human factor.

Above all, he is a great human being and extremely humane.

He is an exceptional human being, very, very exceptional.

Totally focused and organized, but always keeps it human.

He does this gracefully and with love for the humanity.

John is the perfect example of human multithreading.

Great businessman and more so, an incredible human.

He is an exceptional human being and knows his stuff.

Success without the human connection is meaningless.

He is very professional and human at the same time.

John is an amazing human being and an inspiration.

Besides everything, he is an adorable human being.

John is an impressive human being to say the least.

Working with him is an incredible human experience.

John gets hurt very easily as he is very human.

He understands human psychology and human success.

He is an incredible asset and an even better human.

He is an excellent human being to be associated.

His commitment to help humanity is commendable.

Proximity, simplicity, efficiency and humanity.

He understands humans and what makes them tick.

He is an awesome human being and professional.

John is an amazing human being to be around.

Moreover, his human relations are exceptional.

He is very nice human being at the same time.

John is a wonderful human being first at all.

John is very nice human being and helpful.

John is an all-around fantastic human being.

Every human is special but some are amazing.

Dynamic, human, funny and very charismatic.

His empathy for human beings is unsurpassed.

He is professional, kind, and always human.

A great human being to be associated with.

Manager with expertise in human relations.

A good human being and very down to earth.