Humble Performance Review Phrases Examples

Humble Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is certainly all of those things, but what he is more than any of that is humble.
John will never tell you about all the great things he does for others because he's too humble.
We all look up to him and are humbled to have him consider us as his peers.
He is very humble about it, and doesn't ever let him tell you otherwise.
But yes - he is so humble that he would never say that about himself.
Not only that, but he was quite humble about his many accomplishments.
He is humble and very willing to help others out in their own our company.
John came across as someone who is very candid but yet humble.
Incredibly humble and always willing to get better at his craft.
He goes above and beyond and is very humble about his successes.
John is humble and truly wants everyone around him to succeed.
John is always willing to give humbly to anyone in need and do so without asking for anything in return.
At the same time, he's humble enough to know that he himself does not have all the answers.
Overachieving seems to come effortlessly to him, and yet he is always genuine and humble.
He knows success, but is humble and willing to help anybody in need of any consultation.
He is always humble, although he has done greater things than others in his age.
He's one of the best in his field yet very humble and always willing to help others.
He's also humble and willing to learn from others, regardless of their roles/titles.
He is also very humble and willing to learn new things and take on new challenges.
That being said, not only is he distinguished in his field, but he's very humble.
But he was also humble enough to admit when someone else had the better idea.
Amiable and humble, he is also very approachable and well-liked by his peers.
John is humble and makes things look easy, but is not to be underestimated.
John is humble in his approach and is always willing to help his colleagues.
What he says about himself is very humble to what he truly dose for others.
He is always humble and does his best to provide value to anyone he meets.
At the interview, he would almost not get hired because of his humbleness.
Extremely easy to get along with and humble in how he goes about his our company.
John is best described for his patience, humbleness and approachability.
It seems like he knows everything but is humble to admit when he doesn't.
John is humble, and doesn't brag about what he's done or where he's been.
John is humble and makes sure that everyone gets the credit they deserve.
He does all of this while being as genuine and as humble as one can get.
John is humble but he is always driven to do what's best for the company.
He is really humble, sensitive, knowledgeable and thorough with his our company.
John knows his craft and he's humble about what he can do for others.
His modesty and self-wonder of the journey he is on, is also humbling.
He is humble and ready to help and this is what makes him outstanding.
John is also humble enough to ask for help and feedback when needed.
He also is humble and appreciative of any help someone could offer.
He has an unassuming way about him and is humble and down-to-earth.
He is terrific at what he does yet is very humble in his approach.
He is humble about his abilities, which makes him very approachable.
Not to forget, despite all of his achievements, he is very humble.
Despite being successful, he's humble and well-liked by his peers.
He is also humble and approachable, despite his many achievements.
He has always been very humble & supportive for any help required.
Not only he is thorough, professional but also humble personality.
Despite all of his successes he is humble and very down to earth.
He goes over and above the required workload and is truly humble.
John humbled him by proving that there is so much more to learn.
However, he is far too humble to shout about some of these things.
He is very humble and very easy going, but also very committed.
Yet with all these qualities the best part is his humbleness.
He always amazed him when it comes to being humble and simple.
What sets him apart from others is his incredible humbleness.
However, at the same our company he is very humble about the same.
He also is very inspirational and humble at the same our company.