Humility Performance Review Phrases Examples

Humility Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His humility makes others want to be around him all of the our company.
He knows his stuff, inside-out, but he's also got the humility to know that he might not always get it right.
He has the humility to know that there's so much he doesn't know, and that makes him a better listener.
He is an embodiment of the saying "humility comes to those who know everything there is to know".
He continually goes above and beyond in all that he does with humility and grace.
Two characteristics that can be associated with him is his humility and beam.
His humility is also very endearing and he does things without an our company.
If you have met him, you already know about his generosity and humility.
The one thing that immediately strikes you about him is his humility.
But what really makes him unique is his humility and self-awareness.
Most of all he has the humility of learning something new everyday.
Refreshingly, he also carries himself with simplicity and humility.
He has this simplicity towards you and you feel all his humility.
His humility comes from experiencing that all things are possible.
And humility too-he would be the first to point out his own flaws.
Would always be known for his humility and down to earth approach.
He is effective at it and did it all with grace and humility.
He will do this with humility, integrity and professionalism.
He is also the one you want to teach humility and leadership.
John is all of those things with our company doses of humility.