Humorous Performance Review Phrases Examples

Humorous Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

All these said does not mean that he is always serious looking, he is humorous as well.
And when it becomes all much too serious, we could all appreciate his sense of humor.
He is always available, always positive, and sometimes even humorous.
And above all, he knows when to use some humor when things are tight.
His humor is funny to everyone because most of his humor is directed at himself.
He always does the right thing, even when no one is looking, and always with a sense of humor.
And another is his ability to use humor to get through even the most trying of situations.
He is very professional in everything he does yet still has an amazing sense of humor.
He always knows just what to do and say, and does it all with love, humor, and energy.
Last, but certainly not least, he did all these things with his sense of humor intact.
He always follows through on what he says and keeps humor in the mix as he does it.
And, he does it all with humor, which makes it even more memorable and impactful.
John is also very well-liked and uses humor to the benefit of everyone around him.
He also doesn't take himself too seriously and his sense of humor is incredible.
Added to the value he provides, his humor throughout his teaching is infectious.
He knows how to get the job done well and all the while with humor and ease.
And if that isn't enough, he also makes you laugh with his sense of humor.
He came through on all him deliverables and did it with warmth and humor.
He knows how to help you with any weakness and flip it around with humor.
Best of all is his sense of humor that keeps everything in perspective.
Of course, this may have everything to do with his great sense of humor.
John is always enjoyable to be around because of his sense of humor.
Still, he makes our company to socialize and can be found to be well-humored.
He also knows how to use humor and challenge in the right measure.
Last but not least, his sense of humor made the course very lively.
John is the guy that is always there for you, with wisdom and humor.
He is thoroughly professional and always keeps his sense of humor.
Add in his sense of humor and you could not ask for anyone better.
He uses his humor to keep his team and others around him smiling.
Unfortunately, his humor has been forever tainted by the internet.
He did this with humor and grace; he makes it all look so easy.
He's also humorous, which makes working with him all the easier.
It can, however, be very challenging keeping up with his humor.
He is both inspiring and humorous and often at the same our company.
He's knowledgeable, motivated and just down right humorous.
The one quality that makes him stand out however is his humor.
And his sense of humor is something that really makes the day.
He is very humorous and focussed on what he wants to achieve.