Ict Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Ict Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His exposure to the industry and experience outside the industry enriches his ability to communicate effectively at all levels.
His thoughts on the state of the technology industry are spot-on, and he knows how to communicate those thoughts extremely effectively.
John is a rare breed - he keeps ahead of the rapidly moving technologies in our industry and is also an excellent communicator.
His capacity for understanding the technology is vast, and his ability to communicate the vision of new technology is unmatched.
Not only does he understand technology, but more importantly, he can sell technology.
He communicated clearly and kept him informed throughout the process.
He keeps us informed of important information going on in our company, but doesn't inundate us with information that isn't useful to him.
John came into an industry not known for communicating well with its customers, particularly when things went wrong.
John will go far in this industry and has become an asset to his community and his clients.
Determined, he knows very well technology and processing information.
He knows what he wants, communicates it clearly and provides all the information you need to get the job done.
The tools he uses to communicate results back to you are very thorough and informative.
He communicates in a way that adds value to industry participants for the benefit of the industry rather than for his own self-interest.
John is rare in the analytics community: he understands both the technology and how to explain the technology with clarity.
He goes out of his way to help not only with the right technology information, but he communicates in a way that is fully human and caring.
He knows the medical information technology industry at an intimate level.
He knows the industry well, and he knows how communicates him objectives well.
His communications to our company members are always clear and he follows up with all the relevant details to help out our company organizers.
John both understands technology, and knows how to communicate well.
He easily and informatively communicated course information and facilitated dynamic discussions among his students.
He provides enough information so they can make informed trade-off decisions.
His way of presenting him information was timely and most informative.
The information he presented was both very informative and useful.
Through constant communication he keeps his customers informed of upcoming releases in technology.
John knows how to ask the appropriate questions to get the information he needs, and always respectfully encourages others to communicate.
He will also communicate the things he is not certain about, and in doing so avoid decisions based on not enough information.
He is very proactive, well informed and he always kept in touch with us and with the communities of his interest.
He is an easy communicator, who keeps everyone in the loop and make sure everyone is informed on what's going on.
He regularly follows what's going on out there and sends along pertinent information to others in our company.
You would be surprised at how well he communicates information, and his follow through on things is amazing.
If he didn't know the answer, he found it quickly and communicated that information to all stakeholders.
He provides him with all necessary information just in time and it's very easy to communicate with him.
He always has an open ear for new information and knows exactly how to communicate with him audiences.
John always makes sure he looks at the whole file and communicates any needed information up front
He is great at communication - he can discuss with everyone and get the information he requires.
John's dedication to delivering information that will be useful for him community is amazing.
He communicates the information clearly, is thorough and approachable, and makes the class fun.
John communicates information freely and is always available for redirection and remediation.
He communicates well and shares all the information necessary for an effective collaboration.
In his conversation and communication with him, he has been prompt, informative and helpful.
Throughout his dealing with him, he always communicates information and expectation clearly.
He also understands how to communicate this information in a way that makes it actionable.
But best of all he knows how to communicate difficult information tactfully but honestly.
And he has an ability to communicate that information clearly, concisely, and in depth.
Knowledgeable, informed, enthusiastic about his role, but approachable and communicative.
Organized and current with all the information we needed, he communicated well with us.
John is a great communicator he will keep you informed and always willing to help.
The communication was regular, even if there was no news, he still kept him informed.
His communications during and after the hiring cycle are timely and informative.
He strives to communicate with his vendors with as much information as possible.
He knows his community well, and is great about bringing information to them.
Never verbose, he would always impart information in succinct communications.
A straight shooter that communicates the right information on our company.
A great communicator, always with the relevant information at his fingertips.
His communication was constant and all information was clearly relayed back.
His attention to detail and thorough communications always kept him informed.
He communicates well and can be counted on to provide timely information.
John kept him informed and would communicate with him on a regular basis.
He knew his topic well and was informed and open with him communication.
He organizes information well and is able to clearly communicate ideas.
His communication is clear, informative, timely, and to the point.
Not only is he highly versed in many facets of information technology, but his ability to communicate at all levels is unsurpassed.
He understands information technology and its practical use in communicating ideas, thoughts and emotions.
He's also very well known in our company and has introduced him to some great people outside of his industry.
His communication, and position in between industry and students, has been really useful for us this season.
John is always looking to better himself, the industry he works in, and our company in which he lives.
Unlike most people in this industry, he does keep the communication link open.
Him even-keeled nature lends itself well to the communications industry.
John has been an inspiration to the work that he does in the technology community.
Adept with technology yet he remains an outstanding communicator and motivator.
He understands how people use websites and communicate using technology.
He has given us very valuable information about the film industry and he always look out for us even after we graduate.
He believes in information sharing, not only within his organization, but also across industries.
His transportation/industry experience provides invaluable information to the industry.
His wealth of industry information and experience are unmatched.
His knowledge of the entertainment industry and him clear and concise communication is an asset to the industry.
John understands well the technology and communications industries and provides valuable and commercial input and advice.
He quickly established a trust through his open communications as well as his knowledge of the industry and technology.
John's experience and passion drives him to be a continuous winner in the communication technology industry.
That is how technologically smart he is, which makes him one of the best marketers to understand and communicate complex technologies.
His passion for technology can be seen every day at work, but also through his blog and involvement in the technology community.
John knows the rail industry, particularly well and is therefore well informed and able to provide industry specific advice when it is required.
He can get the information quickly and effectively better than anybody in the industry due to his contacts and industry experience.
He proactively sent out industry updates to keep the entire company informed of new industry standards and capabilities.
His knowledge around technology is second to none and even better than this is his passion for the industry.
But he also understands very well the technology that makes the industry work.
He communicates continuing education opportunities, and provides us with information on those opportunities around our company.
John's focus on incorporating technology into communication strategies places him ahead of the curve in the industry.
John keenly follows industry / technology trends and has a wealth of knowledge across several industries.
When he couldn't, he communicated well with the client and kept all parties informed.
He will inform you about all possible pathways to communicate with your customer.
He keeps you informed of all communications with the client at all times.
His information is insightful, creative, and well-communicated.
John is not only informed himself of the latest technology and how best to use it, he's a great educator and communicator.
John can do many, many things - his strength and passion for education, information and communications technology is admirable.
He knows how communication will be perceived by the receiver and helped him with his communication.
Strong communicator in both languages, he communicates with effectiveness and clarity.
John is dependable in informing him about important information.
He understands the technology industry and stays on top of the changing communication landscape.
He is also diligent as he explores other channels of communication to communicate and relay information to his team.
Keeps him team up to date with communication and information.
He gives back to our company by trying to help those in his industry find jobs when they need them.
He understands the importance of communication in an industry where many seem to have forgotten.
John understands the communications requirements for the graphics industry.
Him fire for life, community and our industry are contagious.
John clearly communicates his goals and expectations and that's not always an easy thing to do with technology.
More important than his command of technology, however, is his ability to communicate.
He never hesitates in learning new technology and communication is his best asset.
John knows just about everyone in the industry and has been a go-to person for him many times for the industry and contact information.
A great communicator, he uses the best means to keep people informed and to get information from people to make the right decisions.
He always provided clear and concise information and support, and all communication was very pleasant and informative.
He assists companies in all industries to improve their communications by demystifying the technology of online communications.
And he's amazing at learning new technology as the industry changes over the years.
John knows more about learning technology than anyone else in the industry, period.
He loves learning new technology and has kept abreast with the technology.
He communicates with authority, yet makes the information accessible and relevant thanks to his desire to not only inform, but to connect and inspire.
The way he communicated, the depth of information he provided, promptly, keeping him informed of how things are proceeding are extremely impressive.
His commitment to providing thorough and accurate information and him ability to communicate that information clearly was assets we used daily.
He can articulate information given to him to create an easy to understand communication whilst not losing the salient information.
He gets thoroughly involved with our company and this shows in the information presented.
He integrates everything and makes it easy to communicate and to get information.
John brings communications / presentations / information to life.
John's communication style is informal, engaging and inclusive.
He can easily communicate with people, both formal as informal.
Always communicative, and his presentation of our company information has been first rate.
John's strengths were around communication - both doing it himself and also facilitating communication between others who were unable to do it for themselves.
He is an awesome communicator and is active in community affairs.
He provides us with the information that we need to make an informed decision, and there is no pressure applied.
He kept him informed, was always available to answer his questions and was prompt with the information
He is enjoyable to listen to, informative, and the information he provided was valuable.
He listens to others around him and makes informed decisions based off of that information.
If you need more information, please message him, happy to provide more information.
His contact information is listed below for any further information or questions.
He relates well with people and can communicate with others that may or may not be well versed in this industry.
He writes well for various industries and communicates well with the different departments in the company.
His knowledge of our industry is second to none and he is always willing to share information.
His presentations are energetic, informative, and effective in our industry.
John is a wealth of information when it comes to the real estate industry.
Our company few our company's know more people and more information about this industry than John.
John has continued his success in the communications industry as he does in every endeavor that he attempts.
He knows his industry inside and out and has a way of communicating that draws you in and calls you to action.
John, unlike many in the industry understands the need for effective communications and open dialogue.
John shows his compassion for the industry and our company every day in everything he does.
He thoroughly understands the industry and will communicate openly and honestly at every turn.
And he carries that story out in a contributing way both in our industry and his community.
And he can communicate equally well with industry novices as well as seasoned veterans.
John's efforts in the sign industry are greatly appreciated by many in our company.
Give where you live is his philosophy and is a pillar in the industry and the community
His grasp on enterprise communications, trends and industry changes is unparalleled.
This comes from a desire to give back and contribute to our company and industry.