Imagination Performance Review Phrases Examples

Imagination Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He can take what you need done and make it even better than you imagined.
He also knows so much about everything you can imagine.
I cannot even imagine how we would have gotten through this without him.
He went over and beyond what we ever imagined for our celebration.
He knows how to deliver above and beyond what you could imagine.
It turned out better than we'd imagined (or could imagine).
John can surely help you go farther than you can imagine.
He will help you to see things in ways you never imagined.
He is very imaginative and never does anything ordinary.
He is one of the best you can imagine at what he does.
John is as far from that as you could possibly imagine.
He has been very helpful in almost every way imaginable.
I imagine that he will always do well in all he does.
I think that he is both imaginative and well grounded.
Anything that he can imagine, he will make possible.
I can only imagine what we will see from him tomorrow.
John is someone you can count on in any way imaginable.
Hard to imagine how he could make all these happen.
His imagination allows him to go and to see beyond.
If you need something done, you can ask John and it will get done better than you could imagine.
I can't imagine anyone who could do this better than John.
John did more with less than I could have ever imagined.
We are going to John, more than any of us can imagine.
He's really one of those guys who you just can't imagine getting where we have without him.
I can't imagine that anyone who has ever hired him would have any different opinion.
He would come back with ideas that were not only pertinent, but really imaginative.
He's been through about all the challenges you could imagine, and come out strong.
He knows how to push your buttons and get you to do more than you ever imagined.
He always comes back with something bigger and better than you could've imagined.
He will take you to new heights that that you could not imagine were possible.
I believe in him and cannot imagine how much he will achieve in the future.
I can't imagine where we would be at this point with his help and advice.
He did everything imaginable to be of assistance and did so proactively.
I've seen him in every situation imaginable and there are none finer.
I believe he is capable of accomplishing more than he can imagine.
He uses his imagination to bring out the best in each assignment.
John has the imagination and the ability to make things happen.
John has a way of getting you to imagine what is possible.
I can only imagine he has become an even greater businessman.
Professionally, he is focused, imaginative and inspirational.
I found him to be very bright, imaginative and challenging.
He doesn't coddle, not by any stretch of the imagination.
His imagination and will always have new and fresh ideas.
He is an enabler, and lets you shine beyond imagination.
He could find bugs that anyone could not even imagine.
I was amazed by his responsiveness and his imagination.
He's imaginative, insightful and nothing is impossible.
The end of your ideas is where his imagination begins.
His passion is only overshadowed by his imagination.
John is the most energetic speaker you can imagine.
I couldn't imagine taking this journey without him.
His imagination and commitment were second to none.
He has vision and imagination far beyond the usual.
I have learnt so much from him that I could not imagine.
There is not much I could imagine that he can't do.
One of the things I appreciate the most out of John is his imagination.
You will get more than you ever imagined possible with John.
Never imagined I would come away with so much - thank you John.
If he can do this for him while being so far away just imagine what he can do for you in person.
When he commits to do something not only does he do it, but he executes above and beyond what you ever could have imagined.