Imaginative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Imaginative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He can take what you need done and make it even better than you imagined.
John does more with with less than you'd ever think imaginable.
He needs very little direction when you are asking him to do something and then does it better than you could have imagined.
In his experience what comes back is much better than you could have imagined.
He not only gets things done but, faster that you can ever imagine.
He went over and beyond what we ever imagined for our celebration.
Frankly, we couldn't imagine what things would be like without him.
John will go above and beyond what any client could ever imagine.
He always knows the best resources for anything you can imagine.
But there something happened that was beyond his imagination.
He's really one of those guys who you just can't imagine getting where we have without him.
He took the ideas we had and made them better than we imagined with very little direction.
Actually, seems he knows everything and can answer any question which you can only imagine.
John will make you, your clients, and your projects look better than you could imagine.
Give him some of your ideas and he will take off with them in ways you never imagined.
And it is hard to imagine where we would be now had we not had his help and support.
It is hard to imagine how we got along without him before he took over the training.
He would come back with ideas that were not only pertinent, but really imaginative.
He's been through about all the challenges you could imagine, and come out strong.
First of all, his technical knowledge goes further than anybody could every imagine.
He knows how to imagine something that has never existed and then make it happen.
John is one of the few colleagues who help you achieve more than one can imagine.
He knows how to push your buttons and get you to do more than you ever imagined.
He will take you to new heights that that you could not imagine were possible.
John is someone you can count on to get results beyond what you imagined.
He is imaginative, and always followed through each project to completion.
Of course he will give you the best possible service you can ever imagine.
John is one of those trailblazers whose imagination know no limitations.
He did everything imaginable to be of assistance and did so proactively.
However, he wasn't just imaginative - everything was driven by results.
For those who really want to change, he's the best man you can imagine.
He has the power of doing things which are beyond imagination of others.
Give him a project, and he will do twice as much as could be imagined.
John is able to create something better than we could have imagined.
They taught him how to use his imagination and see things more clearly.
He can extract those information which others could not even imagine.
The activities in his workshops make him think beyond his imagination.
He is imaginative and will often look for solutions outside the box.
With him on your team, you will achieve more than you could imagine.
He comes up with solutions which are both imaginative and pragmatic.
If you need help re-imagining your business, he's the one to call.
The only limit to how far he goes in his career is his imagination.
He sees things in people that they, themselves, don't even imagine.
He will get the job and with the best possible results imaginable.
It was hard to imagine that he didn't always have it 'together'.
He uses his imagination to bring out the best in each assignment.
He may have had the imagination, but it didn't mean he made stuff up.
John has the imagination and the ability to make things happen.
We can't imagine going through this process with anyone but him.
John can take just about any imagination and turn it into art.
His imagination and willingness to help others is unparalleled.
John has been an exemplary colleague in every way imaginable.
When he is an enabler, and lets you shine beyond imagination.
Not only is he imagining, but he is an amazing implementer.
John is someone who motivates others and sparks imaginations.
His our company is always more wonderful that anyone can imagine.
Our company knows the Project will be done exactly how you want, when you want it, and potentially better than you could have imagined.
Our company imagine what he can do when he's in your neighborhood (Chicago).
John and our company can take you to heights you have never imagined.
Our company cannot imagine how important this is for him and his Buyers.