Implementation Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Implementation Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is always trying to find the best approach to any issue and implementing them within projects.
John is always looking for the next new item or feature to implement into his current project.
He had a vision for the project that is now being implemented - unfortunately in his absence.
He recognises good things when he sees them and tries to implement them in his own projects.
So if you do not know how to implement a project or have some doubt in something - ask him.
If you are interested in implementing your project, he is the one you are searching for.
His understanding of requirements made the projects perfectly specified and implemented.
He prides himself in taking projects from concept to implementation, and gets results.
John has been of great relevance to implement the projects between our companies.
This enables him to implement projects on his own with little or no guidance at all.
He will see a project through from initial conceptualization to implementation.
In each project, he was very instrumental for the successful implementations.
He is quick in implementation and always ready to take challenging projects.
He proved here abilities during the periods of project implementation.
As testament to his efforts, the project was successfully implemented.
I have seen him delivering many critical projects and implementations.
His way of forward thinking makes the project implementation smoother.
John is someone who can take a project, set it up and implement it.
His implementation of projects enhances the scope of their reach.
After implementation he made sure this project was a big success.
He drove the project really well for a flawless implementation.
He is very analytical in following up on projects, learning from their implementation and using said lessons for future projects.
John was able to delegate this project to us, managing at a distance this implementation as company needs were fulfilled.
Despite having to juggle a huge number of projects he managed to see this and many other implementations to completion.
He manages each project with great attention; and has been successful with implementing government incentives.
He then set about project managing the implementation through difficult obstacles with meaningful updates.
John managed the project and was able to turn it around and deliver a successful implementation.
John is a great manager who is an expert on implementing large scale projects.
John is an excellent project manager demonstrating the ability to implement aggressive projects while adhering to policy and procedures.
He rates high in relationship management, project management, and anything that involves implementation.
I have confidence that when he is working on a project that the project will move forward and be implemented quickly.
John is a hands-on manager who manages according to project management principles - thorough and detail-orientated.
John's leadership made this project stand apart from nearly every other implementation - more effective planning, documentation, and project management.
His in-depth knowledge of project management practices and implementation of them in his projects is the very key to his success.
I appreciate his attention to detail on the project implementation.
His experiences during implementation of the project was very helpful.
He very well planned contingencies for major projects which avoids any pitfall during project implementation.
I was impressed with him project plans and implementation and rigorous follow up of project actions.
He is extremely articulate and manages the minutiae of project implementation very well.
He is a true professional in project management and implementation.
He is an excellent project manager, very efficient with time and task management.
John managed both corporate wide and very large local projects and was very successful in the implementations that he managed.
John is persistent and diligent in managing each aspect of the project.
John would be an asset for any manager to have maintaining projects.
He is often sought after to be the project manager by various groups.
John has in depth expertise in change management and is an effective project manager.
John has been very focused and organized in the way he has handled the projects we have implemented.
John participated as well in the other projects which he successfully reviewed and implemented.
He does what it takes to get the project completed and implemented on time.
John understands how to help organize and implement successful projects.
His can-do attitude drove many projects through successful implementation.
His projects were always completed on-time and successfully implemented.
His projects are well organized and easy to understand and implement.
John brought sanity to our organization through the implementation of effective project management methodologies.
He understands both the concepts of project management methodology and how to implement them practically.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a project or implementation manager, however difficult the task.
He can manage the complex project implementation and handle demanding stakeholders with ease.
John understands the success of any project hinges on implementation, he knows how to properly right-size a project and with the best approach.
His specialty is project restarts where he brings a failing project to a successful implementation.
John is a gifted project manager who is adept at guiding large-scale projects through all phases, from conception to implementation and launch.