Import Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Import Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Most important of all is that he manages to make things happen.
He comes highly recommended for his managers, colleagues, and remarkably important, for those he has managed.
In his view he knows the most important aspect of management that is managing expectation & requirements.
John is well liked, and even more important, he is well requested by managers in our company.
Punctuality is very important to him and he is effective at managing his time.
His reliability and loyalty have been very important to him as his manager.
And most important of all, he is an excellent manager and colleague
It was very important to him to have those attributes in a manager.
John has the all important ability to manage both up and down.
All the above is important, but more important is that he will get the result you want.
Equally important, he showed him the importance of work/life balance and managing stress.
He impressed management in each of these very important functions.
The most important thing about him is his ability to manage various stakeholders both within and outside the organization.
Lew does the one thing that is most important for a channel manager - he does what he says he is going to do.
Though he also never over promises and keeps things real, which to him is important to manage expectations.
Because of this, many managers were coming to him asking his advice to take important decisions.
John knows the importance of how to manage stakeholders and their expectations at all levels.
He manages both up and down the chain of command very well, focusing in on the most important.
John easily manages multiple priorities/objectives and knows which are the most important.
And these traits make him so important that his manager never wanted to let go of him.
For him those are some of the most important characteristics that make a good manager.
John has achieved important milestones with the programs/projects he managed.
Finally, he is easy to talk with, which is important to have in a manager.
He understood what was actually important, and managed his groups that way.
He also has the experience and gravitas to manage important partnerships.
John ranks at or near the top in every important management trait.
For him the most important thing a manager can offer to you is trust.
John managed countless important initiatives for the division.
Our company, and such an important one to him, is John is a stellar manager.
He understands the importance of true configuration management and release management.
He knows what he is doing and he listens, which is very important.
John is one of his most important managers as he was in daily contact with our biggest and most important clients.
He really makes you feel important and really listens which is important to him.
John is more than his manager- he has been an important mentor in many aspects of his life.
He also does something very important in which people in management often fail at.
Learning and agility are important aspects of his management style.
John also managed to teach him how to stay focused on what is important.
He always made interviewing candidates and his managers feel important.
The importance of reputation and how it should be managed and defended is at the forefront of what he does, but it is not the only thing.
In this way, he knew when to get involved directly and when to stay back, an important aspect for him in having him as his manager.
One of the most important aspects of him management are never to leave anything for later and always keep a smile.
His attitude to employee goes much farther than just managing them, but also make the employees feel their importance.
Not only does he manage his time well, but he has seemed to excel in prioritizing what is most important to him.
Another very important thing, he is the kind of manager who fights for the interests of his employees.
Moreover, he has trust in his employees, which is very important and make him outstanding as a manager.
He also believes in collaboration and understands very well the importance of stakeholder management.
This in his role then was specifically important considering the diversity he was required to manage.
He always managed to understand what was most important to him and address his concerns promptly.
John understands the importance of capitalizing on the strengths and managing the weaknesses.
When all was lost, he had our backs and that's an important trait any manager should have.
He manages the volunteers well, but far more important in his eyes; he inspires them.
To him, it's important to have the freedom to manage his workload independently.
He managed important and demanding stakeholders effectively and efficiently.
How he manages to make everyone in the room feel important amazes him.
He can manage multiple tasks and prioritize the most important tasks.
This led to an important difference for him as a hiring manager.
He sees the important objectives and manages to stay on task.
John is a very important manager in his early days at our company.
John in managing many of his important customers for several years.
He always seems to be willing to take the time to make sure that they understand both what they have to do and why it's important.
But more than that, he knows what is most important, knows how to make decisions or get them made.
He listened to everyone and somehow made each us feel that what we had to say was important.
Not only the end results are important, but also the way to get there has his attention.
But the most important attribute that comes across is his never-say-never attitude.
And, what is very important, he is always willing to help in any kind of problem.
Give him something important to do and he sees it through to the end and on time.
He wants not only results, but it is also important for him how this is achieved.
Most important thing is he always tries to go into the root cause of any problem.
But most important, you can always count on him to make the right decision.
And, last but certainly not least important, he's always in for a party.
He took the time to really get to know him and what was important to him.
He listens to what is important and makes appropriate recommendations.
But more important than this is how he gets such consistent results.
He also knows how to manage people to focus on more important things.
He really does take the time and effort needed to understand what is important and why it is important.
He is always positive and energetic and manages to keep well ahead all things pressing to make sure he gets to do the important things.
He 'gets it', and for those of you who have managed people who don't, you know how important this is.
Most important of all is that he knows the techniques as well as the whole manager ball game.
John also knows the importance of placing the people management at the centre of what he does.
Currently he plays an important role and is involved in almost all management meetings.
When managing other people he is very clear on what's important and focuses on that.
He managed several important topics in the acquisition of our company by our company.
Most important, he made all his clients feel important and appreciated.
Training and new opportunities are important to him and he imparts this importance on his team.
But which is more important he is very responsible, fast learning and he knows how to manage his own time.
He grasps what is most important to our management and gets everyone focused on achieving the end goals.
John keeps things in perspective, manages expectations, and helps you focus on what's truly important.
He managed to help him focus on what was really important: healthy lifestyle with fun.
Thank you for being such a great manager, for teaching him so many important things.
John did not micro-manage him, but was able to keep his focus on the important tasks.
He showed him the importance and tact of managing up and advocating for himself.
Not only did he manage to convey this important subject, but he managed to capture their full attention for the duration of the session.