Import Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Import Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

You know you are important to him because he makes you feel important.
He knows how to select the important things from the less important.
He's not going anywhere and that for him was the most important.
He made all of our tasks that were important to us, just as important to himself.
Second: he really wants to help you with things that are important to you as the one who wants to improve.
If anyone would ask him what was the most important thing you could take from college.
Especially for himself, it is what's not in the books that's really important.
But the most important thing is that he will tell you things like they are.
He knows how to get things done & still knows it is important to have fun.
What is most important about that, is that it happens to him naturally.
As important as all of this of course is that he knows how to have fun.
It was very important to him that you were there for the right reason.
He knows what is most important to get done, and gets that done first.
He then went above and beyond and helped him through the first import.
Everyone knows he needs something important or he wouldn't be there.
What's important about that, is he doesn't try to tell us what to do.
Only thing is important is that he did it for you and for all of us.
John knows how to prioritize and get done what is most important.
Deadlines are also very important to him and does not miss them.
And what the most important is, you can be yourself around him.
You always know he has your back, which is very important to him.
Most important, when he says he'll do something, it gets done.
He knows what's going on behind the scenes, what's important and more important, what is not.
He is able to prioritize their importance, so he would not miss important deadlines.
He understands what's important and not important in the long run.
Most importantly, he understands the importance of relationships.
Volunteering is important to him, but it's important to volunteer for the right things and not just anything that is directed to you.
John demonstrates an understanding of the importance of his position but is not self important.
When he did ask for his help with anything he was always the first to say thank you, and even more important brought in chocolate.
He always made him feel more important and that he is there to help him and not just think of the company.
The way in which he says something is often as interesting and important as what he is actually saying.
He knows what is important and needs to be done in the group and will go ahead to do the necessary.
John knows how to take the best out of any situation and make it what is important going forward.
He also makes him laugh, which is very important, he's himself, always, and that makes him unique.
He always follows through till the end and will finalize with that very important follows up call.
But more important than that he clearly 'believes' in them and what they can and should achieve.
The important thing about him is he never gives up taking more challenges even though it's odd.
At the end he will make you understand how important it is to let things go in the right way.
He goes above and beyond to not only make you feel welcome, but also make you feel important.
And since then, despite sometimes we were apart geographically, he is very important to him.
Since his departure, we now know even more how important it is to get it right in his absence.
It was nothing important to him, which he could just ignore, but he made sure he did his best.
It's important that he help others succeed, and will go out of his way to make this happen.
He also knows when something is important and is willing to follow through to completion.
He has always been happy to go out of his way to help others and make them feel important.
More important, he is always looking ahead to make sure all their questions are answered.
There would be many like him, who have him to thank for guiding at an important juncture.
That was something was wasn't allowing himself to do until he pointed out its importance.
And in his opinion the most important thing is he knows how to do this while having fun.
He knows the importance of feedback and is always available when you need some advice.
John wants to make sure you are satisfied & happy and to him that is very important.
And just as important, he knows how to get these things done quickly and effectively.
Lastly, through all of this, the most important role he has now become is his friend.
He gets passionate about the things that are important to him and makes them happen.
More importantly, he knows what he is doing and if not, he will continue until he does.
John really knows his stuff, but, more important, he knows how making it happen.
To say that he was that significant and important to him is not an understatement.
He can discriminate very effectively between what is, and what is not, important.
Every minute that you don't know he is like missing something really important.
He's been around long enough to know what's important, but also how to have fun.
With all that said, it is important to know that he's also one really good guy.
The most important thing is that the users are always asking for him to return.
He goes out of his way to make everyone feel important, seen, and appreciated.
John always made him feel his needs were the most important he appreciates him.
That is the most important thing that differentiates him and makes him special.
He provides value in eliminating fluff and getting down what's most important.
He knows how to think outside of the box, which is very important in our days.
But most important of all - the pictures he took for us are truly marvelous.
He is obviously going to be one very important name for the national economy.
He makes others excited about what they're doing and feel that it's important.
Doing it the right way is more important to him than simply getting it done.
Most important of all, he always follows up, and that's what sets him apart.
John always puts what was best for the company first, which was so important.
He really gets to the important bit about why we are doing what we are doing.
He helps him look at what is really important right now and for the future.
He's all about ideas, and that's never been more important than right now.
He gets everybody talking about what's important instead of what's wrong.
The single most important thing he could have done was get him on his feet.
John understands what is important and therefore what needs to be done.
He will be taking further more important responsibilities in the future.
And atop of all that, he is very friendly, which is also very important.
Without any doubt, he would be an important value for any organization.
He made all of us feel "important" and that was certainly appreciated.
Because of his enthusiasm, but most important because of his friendship.
It has been very important for him to avail himself of his collaboration.
One thing most important about him is he is always focused on his task.
One thing more which is important that he an asset to any organization.
But we soon realised that he could help us in far more important ways.
And he totally gets what we are about too, which is hugely important.
He never takes himself to seriously, but knows what is important in life.
He always made everyone feel like they were important in the company.
He's thorough and organized and, most important, he's enthusiastic.
So to him whom you have in the foxhole with you is extremely important.
When asked he would just laugh and say that is not what is important.
He knew what to ask for, and what was really important in his answers.
Second, and most important to him, was the openness to try new ideas.
The most important of all, he is the best friend you can ever have.
It's very important for him to have someone on board who gives back.
After he's enlightened you, you'll realise why that's so important.
Least important to him, but also cool, it's that they are also pretty.
And the most important, he succeeds in everything that he does it.
He knows everybody, and he's mindful of what's important to them.
First, he can judge what is most important in different situations.
He made important things happen, and was always there when needed.
And just as important, he would do so both graciously and quickly.
Both of those outcomes are very important to him as to many others.
Challenge him to tell you about the importance of clarity and aim.
We always know where we stand with him and that's important to us.
It is important to say how much he is committed and well prepared.
For him this was/is more important than all of the aforementioned.
The most important thing is, he is passionate about what he does.
But it's more important, how passionate he is when he has an idea.
John can help you find and see what is really important for you.
He made sure that everyone felt they are included and important.
To him, the most important of these is how properly ask questions.
Also, he gives importance to everyone and treat everyone equally.
Most important is his trustworthiness, along with his reliability.
Moreover, and perhaps more important, he is fantastic colleague.
All the important elements were there for him, without the fluff.
Most important of all, he would never say disagree with any ideas.
In his perspective, the importance of this cannot be understated.
And then comes the all important follow-through, which he aces.
What is more important is that he always exceeded expectations.
He goes straight for the important things and keeps him focused.
He makes you feel important and that what you're doing matters.
One more important thing is his commitment with every assigned.
It is important to him to do the right thing in the proper way.
An important point about him is, he did well in multitasking.
If you need to entrust something important to someone sees him.
This to him is far in the most important aspect of supervision.
Words cannot express the importance he has within his company.
What he has is that unique, that powerful, and that's important.
John without question, was his go-to on many important issues.
The message is always important to him and how it is conveyed.
John has always provided important added value for each search.
In his opinion, this is also very important for his profession.
What is very important that he is very sociable and cheerful.
Journalists like him, and much more important, they trust him.
John has helped him in two very different and important ways.
At last but not least, possibly his most important attribute.
Getting things right is important and him standards are high.
Trusting in leadership is something that is important to him.
Of particular importance, to him, is their internet presence.
This was particularly important throughout our transition to our company.
Our company one gets the importance of "culture" more than John.
Our company as important are some of the things Anca doesn't do.
More important, as our company changes he will keep you updated.
That's even more important when you are in our company, as he is now.
These were especially important in our company and he was flawless.
John also makes sure that everyone gets to value the importance of the job and most especially the importance of family.