Improvement Performance Review Phrases Examples

Improvement Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has provided both great opportunities and candidates during this time.
He's ambitious and is always ready for self-improvement at the same time helping the ones around him to improve as well.
He's patient, thoughtful, and dedicated.
If given the opportunity, he will go above and beyond.
He has been patient and given me great advice.
He is thoughtful and funny which brightens my day.
He also provided great insight when analyzing opportunities.
He always ad value and wants to help others be successful; he is a great instructor, great closer and great leader.
He always seeks out new opportunities to improve himself and his skillset, and is always on the ball.
If he sees an opportunity, he'll take it and make the best out of it.
He's also extremely patient and makes great tea.
He wants to make you better.
He is one that truly makes those around him better.
He is patient and handsome.
He is very patient and very honest.
He is very methodological and patient.
He is friendly and trying to improve every single thing that can be improved.
Thank you, John, for adding meaning to each day.
Work means nothing if you don't get away from time to time.
He is always trying to improve.
He is very patient and focuses on improving himself.
He made every day better.
He is welcoming, concerned and thoughtful.
He openly seeks opportunities for improvement.
To whom it may concern and that should be everyone.
He is patient, thorough and a great teacher.
He is thoughtful and a great researcher.
He uses all opportunities to make services better.
He makes everyone's day better.
He is all around a great guy and I'll always welcome any opportunity to do great things together.
He proves that you can always improve and have fun at the same time.
He is detail-oriented, patient and thoughtful.
He makes everyone around him better.
He's always looking to help, and making things better.
He's consistently enthusiastic about everything and always looking to improve.
He is both patient and tenacious.
He is very patient and really takes the time to get things right.
He can see opportunities where there is only chaos.
He was always looking to improve a situation and make things better.
If anyone did it before him, he would take their model and make it that much better.
He improves everything he touches.
He just goes for it, always trying to get better.
He is always pleasant and patient.
He can not only identify opportunities for improvement, but also solutions to address the opportunity.
He is a thinker and is ahead of time with most of his thoughts.
John knows what continuous improvement cycle means, if he saw that he could improve workflow or process he improved it.
If you have the opportunity to hire him, do it.
He is driven to help and improve others lives.
I would recommend him if you want to improve the services and culture of your people.
John also gives technical leadership the resources and backing they need to improve engineering efforts.
John has been a pleasure to deal with and would recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their business efficiencies.
He was great to deal with and was open to suggestions and new ideas for improvement of the service we provided to him.
He is very conscientious, detail oriented and results focused with a real commitment to improving the customer experience.
I highly recommend John to anyone needing people performance improvements and leadership training.
He is always focused on improving the way things were done, and looking for opportunities for improvement.
Instead, he gets salespeople to really think about what they do, why they do it and how they could improve.
Second: he really wants to help you with things that are important to you as the one who wants to improve.
He is always trying to improve himself and inspire all those around him to improve themselves as well.
John is always looking how to improve what he does and helping other improve our company as well.
Because his goal has always been to improve himself and keep improving doing his best for us.