Independent Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Independent Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I happily recommend him as an employee or an independent consultant.
John's dedication and fairness to both his clients and consultants is a welcome relief to the usual attitude consulting firms have to their independent consultants.
We value his continued contribution to the organization as an independent consultant.
John is a self motivated, organized and independent consultant.
He was very independent, and was willing to take responsibility.
He always has a smile, and respects the competence and independence of their consultants.
I could rely on him to work independently and to then consult with me as appropriate.
After this period, we had the opportunity to hire him as an independent consultant and we became good friends.
His interviews with independent consultants have expanded my sense of what is possible.
He is very independent and gets things done without the need for close supervision.
Moreover, he is very independent and knows how to set priorities.
John delegated some work to me in my independent consulting days.
Him approach, manner and knowledge were second to none and would thoroughly recommend him as an independent consultant.
John is an excellent consultant who has shown considerable independence in his work.
John has worked for our company as an independent consultant during this year.
He was someone that would independently take on tasks and see them through until completion.
He quickly demonstrated that he could be relied upon to independently undertake any assignment, even though new to consulting.
Also, as one independent consultant to another, he has been always been there to provide an ear or a word of encouragement.
John is an independent thinker and wants to do many things in his life.
Him one-of-a-kind global perspective sets him apart from other independent translation/communications consultants.
John, as an independent consultant, played a crucial role in helping us get this done.
He has always been an independent, responsible & sensible boy right from beginning.
John is trustworthy, open, independent and always comes up with new ideas.
He encourages independent thought and is always willing to listen to others, .
When there were issues, he handled them independently and with diligence.
John is the perfect balance of being independent, yet collaborative.
John is an independent individual who is not afraid of opportunities.
He needs little if any supervision being able to run independently.
John's independence and therefore complete honesty were invaluable.
He is confident in his abilities and independent in his thought.
He has shown he is independent and does not require supervision.
John's approach is consultative however, he has the confidence to make decisions independently where appropriate and required.
His independent thought sets him apart from the usual crowd of consultants.
He would be an asset to anyone looking for an independent coach or consultant.
He has been successful in large corporations as well as an independent consultant.
We used him as an external, independent consultant and someone against whom we could bounce our opinions and judgements.
He can work independently but also works well with other consultants.
He's independent and definitely an asset in any organization.
John understands what an independent consultant requires and is ahead of the game, always.
John provided him the right blend of direction and independence.
Would highly recommend his independent, informed and consultative viewpoint.
If he's ever consulting for you - you can be sure you are at least heading down the right track.
We are going to miss his consultation both internally and externally.
He is very independent and can learn new things very quickly.
He worked independently, consulting with people across the organisation and across levels.