Industrial Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Industrial Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is well respected in the industry and has held some influential design positions.

John is largely responsible for my growth and success in the design industry.

He's always on top of industry trends and understands the complexity of the design.

Definitely he will make a great impact in the design industry very soon.

John is one of the few shining stars in a vast industry of designers.

John is an amazing designer with a long history in the industry.

I also enjoy nerding out with him about architecture and industrial design.

Because of that he is able to design his trainings to any industry.

During this time, it has become clear that no one else brings the design industry together in the way he does.

He's definitely becoming a contender among the top sound designers in the industry.

He was always studying best practice for design, not just in our industry but across the board.

John is one of the most talented sound designers in the industry today.

He was able to describe the industry and this particular position perfectly from a designer's perspective.

I have enjoyed our conversation and his insights in regard to design and the exhibit industry.

John is vastly experienced, industrious and a complete designer in every regard.

He also proved to have a keen eye for good industrial design.

John is very knowledgeable in the hospitality design industry.

His design was both functional and had a great industrial design/look/feel.

John is an exceptional and passionate industrial designer and educator.

He's a well-known name in the plant design solutions industry.

John was one of those rare surprises you come across all too infrequently in the game design industry.

John is also the person to go to about any upcoming new design trends within the industry.

His wealth of knowledge of game design and the industry is breathtaking.

John is one badass interaction designer who's on top of the latest design aesthetics and approaches, inside and outside of the games industry.

John's approach to teaching industrial design is comprehensive and thorough.

His strengths: he knows how to ask the right questions, is industrious, and stays current within the flow of good design.

He has a clear understanding of the semiconductor industry and is proficient in circuit design.

He truly has a passion for the fashion industry and an eye for good design.

His attitude is always positive and his knowledge of the design industry is vast.

His endless experience within the industry is expressed in his teaching of design.

John has a natural instinct for understanding game design and applies his passion for the industry in his everyday design.

John is committed to lifetime learning and holds the industry's top designations.

His practical approach to design and industrialization would be an asset to any company.

I could say he is a fantastic industrial designer, but that would significantly sell short his overall design skills.

John knows the industry very well and has been very flexible in designing the right program for our specific needs.

His advice is effective and applicable to more than just the interior design industry.

I believe that these are the key traits that allowed him to be very successful in a very competitive designing industry.

John is one of these people with a unique sense of what is to come (within the design industry in particular).

He keeps himself apprised of the latest trends in design and pop culture so as to remain relevant to the industry.

His previous years in the industry also add a great perspective on troubleshooting and design.

He is an encyclopedia of industry history, good design sense, and player understanding.

John is a shining example of what it means to be a leader in the design industry.

His role on the team was that of artist and industrial designer.

Him love for paper, design and the wedding industry shine through in all of his work.

John is excellent in designing and executing large industry conferences.

He is also industry awareness and we come out with leading edge design every time.

He is able to merge industrial design requirements with manufacturing restrictions.

He helped me to succeed in the design industry, to see the big picture rather than just the small details.

He has many connections within the marketing, design, and music industries.

He has an outstanding understanding of industrial design and packaging design (both structural and graphic).

John constantly and consistently amazes with the bold, innovative designs that he comes up with for a rather conservative industry.

He's also great at staying in touch with industry trends and keeping designs current and engaging.

I would highly recommend him for any senior design role in this industry.

John's a great resource for designers trying to get a foothold in the industry.

He also has designed (and made) furniture, ranging from one-of-a-kind studio work to pieces designed for industry.

He's been recognized in the industry for his designs and his personal reputation is top notch.

John has changed my ideas about what to expect from a game designer in the industry.