Industrious Performance Review Phrases Examples

Industrious Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He not only knows his industry inside and out, but knows everyone within the industry as well.
John is someone who you go to if you want to know what's going on in the industry.
He is always up to date with the industry and all the changes within his industry.
He seems to know everyone and everything that is going on in the industry.
Safe to say there is no one quite like him in this, or any other industry.
Frankly, he's done more with less than just about anyone in the industry.
All of this allows makes him one of the best in our industry.
He knows everything and everybody in these industries and is always there, willing to help in any way.
We still believe that the our company he has done for us is some of the best we have seen in our industry.
John's one of those people who just seems to know everyone, and know even more about the industry.
Yuen so that they may see for themselves that he truly is the best in all facets of his industry.
He is often the go-to person for others entering this industry and those already in the industry.
John knows the industry as well as anyone out there and has been in it from the beginning.
He's been known throughout this industry as one who goes above and beyond in every scenario
Above all, he never lets you down, which is more than can be said for most in this industry.
He has found every new industry before it was an industry and then helped to make it huge.
He looks out for others within his industry and wants to make things better for everyone.
He is always two steps ahead of everyone else, and always in the know about our industry.
In an industry that can sometimes be everyone for themselves he is there for everybody.
John will go far in this industry so he's definitely someone you'll want on your team.
He knows everything and everyone there is to know in the handbag/accessories industry.
He's also well-known - and more importantly, well-liked - by those in the industry.
He is among the best in the industry and goes out of his way to help others succeed.
He knows his industry very well and he always wants the very best for his clients.
In fact, he might have been in the industry before it was even coined an industry.
That's his passion, and that's why he's probably one of the best in the industry.
In his own way, he let us know we were of great value to him and to the industry.
Strong and passionate about what he is doing will take him far in the industry.
John is very well-liked both within the company, as well as across the industry.
Not only this, but he has many connections and is well-known in the industry.
He knows what's going on in the industry - and why - and what to do about it.
He also knows everyone in the industry, or it would seem that way sometimes.
John has exceptional knowledge of this industry as well as other industries.
John knows how to make the best of how things are changing in our industry.
John, thank you so much for all the value you're providing to the industry.
It was important to him that he comes directly from this very new industry.
He is always interested in seeing what others were doing in the industry.
To him, he is one of the few that truly has the 'pulse' of our industry.
If you are looking for someone that knows their industry, he is your guy.
John is someone who makes himself known among an industry of thousands.
John always made you want to do the best and be leaders in our industry.
It is therefore commendable to see how far he has gone in this industry.
John is certainly an industry expert and an innovator in his industry.
He is definitely someone you should know in the Foodservice industry.
John is and always will be an inspiration to him within this industry.
Not only that, he has several different industries in his repertoire.
It seems that he knows everybody in the telecommunications industry.
He has the connects that you would need to make it in the industry.
Seems like there is no one in him industry who doesn't know him yet.
He is well versed in both our industry and the industry we support.
John really does know the industry and what will and what won't our company.
He is very well known in the industry and he knows everyone as well.
He definitely knows the industry he is in like the back of his hand.
He knows the industry well and is willing to help wherever he can.
His ideas were ahead of not only those around him, but the industry.
He has been an excellent example to others and him in this industry.
Additionally, he is very well liked and connected in the industry.
These are facets that are not always or often seen in his industry.
If you're in the industry, you would want to have him on your side.
John knows what he's talking about when it comes to him industry.