Influence Performance Review Phrases Examples

Influence Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John, someone that has such an influence on you, that you can never forget.
He is one who is not influenced by any changes in the surroundings.
There is no way that what he says will not influence your thinking.
It is because of this, that his influence on others is unwavering.
The more you get to be under his influence the better you will do.
He can really influence those around him and makes things happen.
And he knows how to influence up and around and does it elegantly
He truly is one who greatly influences those who influence many.
People that our company with and for him get better by his influence.
Because of that, the influencers went above and beyond to help him and our company.
John is always willing to go over and beyond to help you better yourself and is a very positive influence.
He seemed to know everything, has a positive influence on everything and be everywhere doing so much.
John has always been there for him and life wouldn't be the same without his amazing influence.
We could not have made it through this period as well as we did without his influence & support.
John passion for all he does influence everyone around him to be the best that they can be.
His influence and talents made possible many things which many would not consider achievable.
He doesn't influence you only to be better at your job, but rather do better in your life.
Also, he is an organising influence, things just seem to come together whilst he's around.
More importantly, the influence that he has on those around him is nothing but positive.
John is always willing to help those in his sphere of influence in any way possible.
He seems to know virtually everyone in that field, especially those of any influence.
John is one of those people that makes his influence and value known from the onset.
He influences people to do the right thing rather than saying this is the right way.
John influences others positively and is always willing to go above and beyond.
John is probably one of the most calming influences you will ever come across.
Come to think of it, he really did know how to influence us very early on, too.
He always leaves them better than they were through his influence and results.
What to say about someone who has been such an influence on him professionally.
He leverages himself very well, influencing others to get things done as well.
It is impossible not to be influenced by him once you have been contacted.
It would have been much more difficult without his influence and guidance.
John best qualities are that he is both an influencer and innovator.
John has been an incredible influence on him and many others on the team.
John's influence in the overall delivery should be well recognised.
John has definitely been one of those who influenced his career choice.
He has been an influence and is one who knows the industry he supports.
Graciously, he influences people to better themselves and the industry.
Not only him, the whole team was very much influenced by his leadership.
He will be an asset to anyone that is within his circle of influence.
John is very connected and uses his influence to help others succeed.
He has an amazing influence on everyone associated with the project.
He knows how to get things done through influence and role modeling.
As an influencer in his own right, he goes the way and shows the way.
Professionally has been the biggest influence on him in recent years.
John is one of those exceptions who seem to influence it instantly.
John is seen as someone who can influence people with his optimism.
He very well knows how to influence people with his right attitude.
He knows his way around, and his contacts have depth and influence.
In the most non-interfering way, he has the ability to influence.
John influences every person in this way, and it's quite amazing.
He's an influencer, even to those who are much more senior to him.
John has always been an inspirational and motivational influence.
He influences others to do the same with his vibrant personality.
Lastly, he has influenced many of our students in the classroom.
John has an extraordinary influence on those who are around him.
John is the manager who has influenced him most in his career.
Many lives were impacted for the better because of his influence.
His influence on him will help him throughout the rest of his life.
He has the ability to influence up and across the organization.
Every person around him seems somehow lifted from his influence.