Informal Performance Review Phrases Examples

Informal Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John always have the information you are looking for, or knows someone who has the information.
He always keeps you well informed with all the necessary information.
John knows that he doesn't know everything, but knows where to go to get the information.
John is the one you always go to to get things done and for information.
He will get back to you as soon as he can with the right information.
John is thorough, informative, and the information was relevant.
He either has information or knows how to access to information.
He always provided more than enough information allow him to make an informed decision.
The information was very well received and his wife still uses that information as well as the information in his book.
He provided him with as much information as he could and kept him informed of what was happening behind the scenes.
He followed through on all that he said he would do and made sure that he kept him informed during the process.
His information was useful and very easy to apply, it is all up to yourself how you want to use the information.
He is very informative and provided great help while always kept him up-to-date on necessary information.
He knows how to always be on top on information and use all information available to make things our company.
He always gets things done by when he says he will or will keep you informed as to what is happening.
John is very thorough with his explanation of everything when he first went over the information.
He always informs things you should know about, and follows up with you whenever it is required.
He will give useful and informative information and will not just tell you what you want to hear.
John kept him up-to-date with information and changes necessary to keep the employees informed.
He makes the most of his projects and he is always available for us when we need information.
John makes every campaign look easy and keeps you informed with need to know information.
He would keep him informed of everything that was going on so that nothing would get missed.
If he does not have the information on something he always gets back to him the same day.
John kept him informed throughout the process with just the right amount of information.
He is always available & always knows where and from whom to get competitive information.
He is always well informed and made sure to pass on information as needs be with his team.
John hasn't only informed us that this had to be done, he actually did it with each of us.
He is also smart enough to know what he needs to know and how to get that information.
For him this made it easier to remember the information when going over the information.
He goes out of his way to keep everyone informed, and that makes all the difference.
He seems to know everything and everyone, and him the information is always up to date.
The materials and information he has given him has been both timely and informative.
He would get as much information as possible for you to help you get the interview.
John gives you the information you need to know and you can be sure it is correct.
He knows what he is doing, and can take your information and make it look great.
He follows up very well - better than most - and keeps you informed of every step.
He makes technical information interesting and our company information informative.
He clearly knows the property and the information he presented was most informative.
The information he provides goes far beyond what you'll get with other speakers.
Same goes if you ask for information, he will make sure that you've understood.
He makes sure we get all the information we need to help him and his customers.
He provides detailed information, so that his clients are always well informed.
Shows up when he says he will and gets back to you with follow up information.
He is always well informed and will get back to you when he says that he will.
He will always tell you the truth and make sure you have all the information.
John will always go above and beyond and keeps you well informed of progress.
He is very informative with new information and strategies for each project.
He does what he says he's going to do, he keeps you informed and in the loop.
He is very thorough, always follows up and even provides extra information.
He always kept us informed as best as was possible for any given situation.
He always took the information and did something with it to better himself.
For him, the best part was the presentation was informal yet informative.
Please let him know if you would like to contact him for more information.
John has always been available when you need information and guidance.
He has been thorough and informative, but without being at all "salesy".
John has always been very well informed and still very down to earth.
John seems to have always the right information at the right our company.
He follows through on everything and provides up to date information.
He took ownership for everything he did and always kept him informed.
He does what he can, and gets further information when he needs it.