Information Architect Performance Review Phrases Examples

Information Architect Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a smart and extremely versatile information architect.
He is reliable, always responsive and goes above and beyond to make sure that we get as much information as possible to make informed decisions.
He is well informed and knows who's who which keeps him up to date with the information he needs to know to get the job done right the first time.
John is an excellent information architect who also happens to have a wonderful attitude.
John shares information that is relevant and timely and we would be far less informed without his leadership.
His keen sense of information architect allows him to best determine whether an idea is viable.
His range of reading and absorption of information informs his writing.
John is an exceptional information architect-someone who can organize large quantities of information in a way that users can understand.
He's well informed, is cost effective and doesn't hold back on the information he holds.
John is a very knowledgeable information architect and is great to work with.
He seeks to understand what information is needed and then finds the people who have that information.
He has been informative, motivational and also very entertaining.
He was very reliable and consistently delivered the information needed to help me make an informed decision.
He's very informative, and is willing to help where possible so that one can achieve their goals.
John has always been thorough and very cooperative with relaying that information.
He is always well informed about the topic on which he is speaking.
He received rave reviews as his information was helpful and informative.
He is a great architect, always has the latest technology information.
John makes informed decisions, taking the time to invest and analysis information before taking action.
John's presentations are always motivating and informational.
He kept me informed along the way and was always punctual in meeting deadlines.
He is conscientious, continuously well informed, and precise.
John keeps his leaders well-informed and ensures an uninterrupted flow of information.
Even if he doesn't have the answer immediately, he knows exactly how to go about getting the right information from the right people.
John trusted that people want to do the right thing, and want do their best with the information they have.
He has always been approachable and willing to help find the right information and the right people.
He will follow up until the job is done and keep you informed of progress.
He also has an entertaining as well as informative presentation style.
John is now at the top of my list to go to people for information.
He was very informative regarding all aspects of my job search.
He presented the information in an engaging and informative way and had the audience's undivided attention throughout the session.
He is always updating information and making sure he can provide the best information for seeking families.
He provided all the necessary information for me to make the best decision for me and my family.
John is an energetic facilitator who is engaging and informative.
He always knows when to ask questions and ensures he has the right information when making commitments.
John is always informative, entertaining and holds the attention of the participants.
He made himself available for information even when we just had a mailing question.
He listens to questions gives answers that are complete and informative.
I sense he is action-oriented and does well at informing and listening.
I have heard from others how he has informally mentored them, too.
He was in touch with the group and had very relevant information.
He is well informed, punctual and he knows how to close a deal.
He shares information, listens well, and inspires enthusiasm.
He regularly informs about opportunities or simply interesting information that might be helpful in the practice.
His ability to access relevant information and participate in assessment/analysis of that information was key.
John also does his very best to keep personnel informed as to what is going on which is important when offshore.
Working with him, getting him the information he needed to make decisions, actually made me better at my job.
He was always willing to help and would get all the information to help me do my job accurately and on time.
He keeps all parties informed and is all about getting the job done.
His speeches are always well informed, entertaining and motivating.
He has a keen ability to ask the right questions to get the correct information before architecting the perfect solution.
And if all that isn't enough, he is a mine of information on all things historical so you learn something new with every conversation.
He also provided feedback to us to make sure we were informed of our progress and performance.
John is also very willing to learn and share the information he knows with others.
He was always willing to share information as well as learn new things.
He takes the initiative to learn new things and to be well informed.
The information that was packed into him course is organized, detailed and informative.
A great information architect, as well as a pleasant colleague, that's his conclusion.
He would get as much information as possible for you to help you get the interview.
Going out of his way whenever possible to help provide useful information to keep things moving.
He is always available to provide you with the information he's got and you need.
Please call him if you have any questions or would like more information.
He is always available for questions, troubleshooting and information.
He will provide you each and every information regarding that thing.
John is someone you can trust with your company's information.
John always provides useful, relevant and reliable information.
He's an ace at what he does and frequently makes contributions in areas outside of his role as an information architect
The information he had printed out for us as well as what he presented during our conversation was very helpful and informative.
John gets you the information you need and his specialty is providing information you didn't even realize was out there but was the perfect thing.
In line with that, he is exceptionally well-informed and effective at informing others.
He made sure that the right people had the right information on our company.
John provided himself and the other copywriters with insightful information.
After the third interview, he not only followed up again, but informed that they were going to make an offer.
He kept him informed, provided him with feedback after each interview.
He provided him with extensive information for the interviews.
He says it like it is and does not try to sugarcoat things and he kept the workshop going to provide us with more information.
He is always willing to help anyone who needed it and explain what went into any information he provided.
He is always providing the right level of information, and where appropriate he was transparent.
He didn't ask him to send him the information he already had and was well organized in his approach.
He is considerate of his well-being and tries to provide him with as much information as he can.
Thus he is well informed on the majority of things that are happening in his environment.
Him information is always well organized and we can know easily what we must do for him.
You provide him with any topic and he will come back to you with excellent information.
Detailed and organized, he seemingly has all the information right at his fingertips.
Once you see the information he will provide you won't be disappointed that you did.
As per his information, we he is also currently doing great on his current organization.
He requires little supervision, but always keeps you informed of what is going on.
The course was informative and well organized, and he taught it skillfully.
He provides information and his own experience to the good of the company.
John will help you when you are stuck, provide the information you need.
Thank you for providing him with information that will last him a lifetime.
John knows his stuff, he's reliable and informative without being pushy.
Twenty years later, he still is helpful in providing useful information.
He keeps them informed and lobbies for their cause(s) within the company.
He is extremely thorough with the information and feedback he provided.
John has always been a wealth of information for him and his organization.
He is very organized and is able to keep track of so much information.
He will provide better information than anyone else you would hire.
He made our webinars not only informative but also enjoyable to watch.
Plus, he always avoids being overwhelming when providing information.
He provides accurate and reliable information to the outside world.
John is always approachable, friendly, organized and informed.
He is reliable and realistic and provides accurate information.
John is very informed, organized and passionate about labeling.
Funny, informed, he also cares about the right things in life.
He's organized, well-informed, and an excellent collaborator.
He also kept him informed throughout the whole process and provided detailed information on each candidate.
That translates to an information architect who can come up with great solutions, because his mind was truly open to all the possibilities.
He is always prompt in providing us more information and if he did not have the information he ensured that he connected us with someone who could answer our queries.
He organizes and expresses ideas and information clearly, using appropriate and efficient methods of conveying the information.
He proactively sought information from various sources to make informed decisions and recommendations.
He will spend time with you to make sure he has all the information he needs to get you the right people.
Please contact him directly if you would like further information relating to this recommendation.
John always provided the right information and copies, sometimes to very tight deadlines.
By doing so, his relations know their confidential information will be kept as such.
Regardless of the information he was sharing, he got people to listen.
John is always patient and information as well as responsiveness