Information Security Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Information Security Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has been extremely informative and highly effective in his consulting role.
John is a wealth of information when it comes to franchise consulting.
As a consultant, he has consistently given me good information and advice.
His approach is consultative, informed and is a good listener.
John is a gifted information security consultant with a very solid practitioner's background.
All consultations have been very informative and he has helped me to save valuable time.
The new information we bring back after consulting with him every time is pure gold.
John is an intelligent consultant who can assimilate and analyze the right information.
He follows up, gathers information and share information with his team.
He is a wealth of information and his expertise in employment consultation is second to none.
He keeps me well informed with up to date market information.
Would highly recommend his independent, informed and consultative viewpoint.
He consistently supports information security efforts and possesses exceptional security aware.
John consulted with me on professional opportunities; he is well-informed and well-connected.
John is a technically astute computer and information security consultant.
He made sure that consultants' queries are answered quickly and to their satisfaction and kept me informed at all times.
The information he provided us in the session exemplified his success in his career in consulting.
He is a pleasure to work with as he always keeps me well informed regarding new consulting opportunities.
He is an expert in the field of information security and specially application security.
More importantly, he understands how to use the information to inform strategic decisions.
John has also been very helpful in my own recent move into the world of consultancy and proactively keeps more informed of potential opportunities.
John was always available to consult with; he offered valuable advice and shared information freely.
He follows up with him vendors and consultants to make sure everyone is informed during the whole placement process.
John is one of very few consultant who provides correct information about the job detail for which we apply.
He always provided me the right information at the right time, enabling me to make informed career decisions.
He follows through on his commitments, keeping his clients and consultants well informed every step of the way.
He was not only entertaining, but actually informative as well.
John is very efficient, thorough and always provides very detailed information which helps us make informed accurate decisions.
His style is fun and informative to relay information that the teams could use.
He keeps me informed about the corners of the security-privacy issues arising in today's internet.
He has excellent knowledge in information security, forensics, consulting & strong military experience.
His message was very well received and several of the attendees asked for consulting information after the talk.
Regardless of the information he was sharing, he got people to listen.
He provided them with the vital information they needed and created a framework in which we could conduct successful consultations.
I have always found him to have detailed and reliable information.
He was very responsive and kept the others on the team informed.
He not only provides exceptionally accurate information, but he presents this information with integrity and candor.
John is a thoughtful, organized, and committed leader in information security.
And he has led the delivery of large and complex security consulting engagements.
John would be an excellent choice for any organization looking for leadership within their information security program or looking to develop their information security consulting services.
I highly recommend him to anyone needing to consult with one of the best security experts in the field.
This shows his keenness be understand a new field of security consultancy.
John is really the client that any consultant would want to meet.
He was a true consultant, taking the time to make sure we understood the options available to us and had the information necessary to select the best option.
He is well informed and approachable, which gives him a distinct advantage as a career consultant.
He always provided more than the required information and was very detail orientated.
John is thorough and detail oriented, always proactive and very well informed.
Candidates would inform me of their appreciation of his efforts as well.
He is very detail oriented and always kept me informed along the way.
Not only was he informative, but he was highly entertaining as well.
John was always very fast, correct, detailed and well informed.
Armed with that information he applies those details to his search.
In result, he was detailed, and thorough in the information given.
He is always punctual, concise, and has very detailed information.
John is an entrepreneurial wealth of experience and information.