Information Security Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Information Security Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He managed everything on behalf of both parties and always kept us very well informed.
John is an excellent budget manager because he tries to gather as much information as possible to inform him budgets.
John is the right mix of paranoid and practicality that you need in information security.
John is one of those managers who always gives you the right information and never misses a beat.
John is an expert in the use of such information, having an advanced degree in management.
He kept stakeholders, as well as management, informed of the progress through every phase.
His management was conspicuous in the manner that he kept all participants informed.
He was the kind of manager you could talk to openly and always kept us informed.
Not only did he inform me, but also gave me the feedback from the hiring manager.
John always managed to unearth interesting, useful and relevant information.
He informed management whenever deliverables were in jeopardy of being missed.
He managed to get me to feel at ease, without any pressure, and he managed to pull out all the information he wanted.
His specialties include project management, information security and infrastructure management.
John is one of very few auditors that understands information security and risk management.
John has a solid understanding of information technology and intensive expertise in information security.
John worked with me to undertake a management review of our information security standards.
He is an expert in risk management and information security and knows how to convincingly articulate the value of information security to business executives.
His program management focus and expertise in information security is second to none.
As an interface for management and other departments he always provided us with the needed information.
John has been able to manage an incredible amount of information and make sure that information is accessible and organized for all who might need it.
He helps his clients understand the different security needs and makes sure that they have the best possible security coverage.
He is a true information management expert, but always looking to learn new and better ways to manage corporate information.
He is smart enough to know what he doesn't know and secure enough to ask for help when he needs it.
There is security in knowing he will never let you down and will always do the right thing.
John is a highly regarded expert in the information security management field.
He provided information on all the potential problems with airways and the management of each of them.
His abilities to get and find new information about management has helped me on many occasions.
John was informative and upbeat while managing to keep the conversation moving forward.
He takes chunks of information and makes them bite-size and therefore more manageable.
John's passion, insights, and vision for information management are exceptional.
His passion for information security is second to none and his knowledge in the space is incredible.
John had significant knowledge and understanding of information security domains.
John has exceptional breadth and depth of knowledge in information security.
Together we were able to take information security management system of our company up to the next level.
With a security history literally spanning the globe, he is one of the security experts.
John seems to know something about everything and is extremely well-versed in the areas of security and identity management.
This is especially important in his key area of information security awareness.
Not only he managed products, but he managed information security part of the company very well.
He's managed competing priorities extremely well & always keeps stakeholders informed.
He keeps his manager informed of the status of his tasks and issues he is facing.
He was always friendly to work with and managed to get the information when it counted.
John is extremely knowledgeable about vulnerability management and information security in general.
He analyzed our entire security offering, managed our security roadmap and marketing.
He alone managed the complete day session with no boring and very informative.
I would definitely recommend him if you want your websites to be safe and secure.
John is meticulous and thorough in all security aspects under consideration.
At the same time, he provided valuable information on managing stress with humor.
He always managed to ensure they got the information they needed and went out of his way to ensure any issues they had were addressed.
John pulled all of the information together into a concise, manageable project/bid wherein everyone would be on the same page.
He is very helpful and manages to answer any questions you may have between being tactful, informative and right to the point.
John also regularly follows up with hiring managers and candidates so that all are constantly informed of their status.
John's ability to help others surrounding him and informing higher management of opportunities is limitless.
John was helpful and informative in all aspects of multiple conferences that he managed over several years.
He always managed to distill tons of information into cogent elements when it first seemed improbable.
He has the ability to digest new information quickly and is confident at managing expectations.
He is an amazing manager that can quickly and accurately summarize complex information.
John is an excellent manager- clear, forthright, responsive, and an information sharer.
He represented his company extremely well and managed the information flow adeptly.
John is a proactive manager, being well-informed of current and future trends.
John manages to efficiently synthesize highly complex and diverse information.