Information Systems Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Information Systems Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He manages to get more information across by using less language.
From that point on, he never ceased to impress me with his understanding of information systems.
He is capable, honest and expert in his command of information and systems.
The course he taught was the information systems for commerce students.
John was very responsive to any perceived issue we had and was proactive in providing information on the how to take more advantage of the system and management information that we could readily access.
John is very well versed in several management tools and systems.
He has a keen knowledge of the systems and information available.
He always keeps things well informed, and manage the expectations really well.
He kept his information in an orderly fashion and it was easy to follow his systems.
This gives him the opportunity to have a very clear understanding and comprehensive view of his entire information management system.
He brought great clarity to governmental procedures, and how to manage the multitude of information systems they use.
John always makes sure information is communicated to and from management.
John's knowledge of systems and how to manage them is unsurpassed.
John is a very knowledgeable web information systems manager.
He is thoroughly grounded in best practices both for enterprise system implementations as well as systems management.
John encouraged participation and shared information and delegated to those he managed.
He assesses management capabilities very well and share information confidentially.
His sense of ethics and management of confidential information was paramount.
John is an excellent manager and in many ways has become an informal mentor.
He then assumed management of the campus identification card system.
He has not only mastered degree in chemistry but also a master in information system management.
He has deep knowledge about the monitoring system, ticket system and server management systems and etc.
He has extensive experience in warehouse management system, labor management systems and database management.
His knowledge of mapping and geographic information systems is clear.
John has done pioneering work in engineering large systems for unstructured information management.
He is very strong in systems and information architecture, including how to organize and structure filing systems.
I can rely on him to manage and organize information as well as people.
John is a great trouble shooter when it comes to system access and information.
John is a most respected provider of specialty signs and information systems.
John is an effective, informed, and well-rounded staffing manager.
John was an outstanding manager who always made well informed decisions and provided superb leadership.
He was informed, approachable, and was always eager to manage the needs of his client.
He is well informed and manage to understand the struggle of each of his clients.
John's very capable at quickly resolving system problem starting with very little or even no initial information.
His ability to pick up, grasp and master systems and information is second to none.
He is knowledgeable about the systems he manages, and is always exploring how to do things better.
I enjoyed working with him on the textbook on information management.
He somehow manages to keep the many threads of a system in his head.
John worked on restructuring the information storage and retrieval system.
He inherited an environment that was less than perfect and managed to quickly stabilize the systems.
He was the expert using our sometimes complicated proprietary asset management system.
His system for managing online reputation is absolutely brilliant.
He is the master of systems, budgets and efficient management.
And he can juggle complicated systems and information structures without batting an eye.
John managed to bring various disparate systems into one for the benefit of the company.
He led us forward to more automated systems for managing our information and benefits-all the while being there to guide us through the change.
John has an innate understanding of the user experiences with information systems.
John has helped us devise an excellent performance management system.
I had a wonderful experience as an end user of the system he managed.
He is able to manage very large systems with thousand of users.
John was one of my tutors in the information systems courses, and he contributed to the success of the course.
He is proactive in obtaining all the right information and always provides best practise result after all campaigns he manages.
John is a pragmatic manager who always gets the best from his colleagues through informed advice and guidance.
John always obtains the information required to effectively manage the tasks given to him for completion.
John keeps management and stakeholders informed and was highly appreciated by his clients.
He is also very experienced in change management and driving adoption of new systems.
He also always keeps management informed of his progress in a timely fashion.
He manages to keep the group on task and keeps all informed and active.
John can manage high velocity and complex systems in the right way.
His selling systems and management coaching have been invaluable.