Information Technology Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Information Technology Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John made my image consultation extremely informative and loads of fun.
John's trainings have been informative and consultative in nature.
He has always been informative and practical when consulted about exhibitions and shows.
He is an excellent consultant for clients looking to upgrade their technology.
He stays aware and informed about new technologies, and shares that information freely with co-workers.
After those important steps, he then offers informed advice and consultation.
He has extensive knowledge on information technology consulting for businesses.
He quickly grasps all technological topics we discuss and appears to be well versed and informed regarding today's standard technologies.
John has been consulting with me on my startup technology company for over a year now.
He took on board what was said and made the best of all the information he was given.
John has continued his career in information technology since that time.
John's credibility around streaming technology and mobile technology is enviable.
He is very approachable in regards to personal/professional issues and will often consult others before making an informed decision.
John is a valuable asset to anyone looking for an objective and informed consultant.
He is having good understating of new technology and he always wants to implement the latest technology.
He communicates clearly, consults with colleagues and share information.
He is exceptional at looking at the people, technology and technology trade-offs.
He is always well-informed of the latest trends and technologies, and is able to make recommendations with that foresight in mind - as well as challenge any shiny new buzzwords or technologies.
John has a great ability to track and predict future trends in information technology and was always first to spot the potential of new technology.
He is a technology evangelist and one man think-tank, who will bring clarity on the successful adoption and usage of information technology.
John is an exceptionally strong technology consultant who drives for excellence in every opportunity.
John was always accessible and had the appropriate information needed.
All his consultancies were extremely relevant and informative, and stated in very understandable and clear way.
He is an exceptional consultant, informative speaker and excellent writer.
I'm amazed at the information he has included for the reader.
John was always well informed with current technology trends and products.
He is well informed about his product and technologies surrounding it.
He continues to impress me with his eagerness to seek out and learn newer technologies as well as keep up with the latest information on current technologies.
He has a sharp understanding of business and information technology.
He has differentiated himself by his ability to apply non-partisan informed consultation to hiring decisions.
He keeps himself well informed about new methods and technologies and is constantly thinking about how to make improvements.
John articulates the value of information technology improvement and efficiency in terms anyone can understand.
John also takes outside consultation very well and uses the information to help advance the strategic recommendations for the newsroom.
John always went out of his way to make himself as informed as possible about all of our clients needs and challenges.
He always goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are happy and well informed.
Really gets to know his client and keeps them well informed as to what is going on.
John keeps his board informed at all times and there are never any surprises.
John is very well connected and well informed as to the needs of the clients.
He keeps us informed of any changes made that may affect us or our clients.
John makes sure he keeps his clients informed and their needs are met.
Him consultations are informative and he personalizes each session to accommodate your needs.
He is constantly looking at new technologies and how best to support his organizations through the use of those technologies.
John is a knowledgeable presales consultant who is an expert in search technology.
He is engaging, intelligent and very well informed of present trends and technologies.
He is the consummate professional and he is a reliable information technology training consultant.
John is one of a rare breed - an information technology professional who knows how to explain technology to lay people.
He embraces new technology and has an incredible ability to research and absorb massive amounts of information on new technologies and apply that information to his current job.
I wish him all the very best for his bright career in technology.
He is always after implementing new technology where appropriate.
He may change the way you think about interactive technologies.
He is enthusiastic and incredibly creative: the type of consultant that you would like to have in any technological endeavour.
Besides being extremely knowledgeable about technology he was well informed and sensitive to the needs of our clients.
He also made the information he was giving very accessible - which is not easy.
He took my information and made it accessible and understandable and compelling.
He was very trustworthy in having access to sensitive information.
John has always been a wealth of information that was easy to access.
And he can access the new information quickly once it is hers.
He has the knowledge of technology to mine data that is both deep and informational.
He listened to me, located a suitable opportunity, consulted me well, kept the actions move forward, and kept me well informed.
As a result of his consulting efforts, the information he gathered and shared was very insightful and actionable.