Information Technology Director Performance Review Phrases Examples

Information Technology Director Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has an excellent grasp of technologies, and the associated ramifications that using those technologies entail.
He also has a very good understanding of where technology is taking us and he embraces this technology.
John has a deep passion for technology and getting to what makes the technology tick.
A technology savvy, keeps himself updated with the latest in the technology world.
I found that he is excellent at gathering information and making well informed decisions.
John knows his way in the information technologies and marketing.
John is always looking for new technology and is willing to help others come along at their own pace.
It always amazes me how much he knows about so many different technologies.
He always is ahead of the pack with him ever-new take up of technology.
He is always available and ready to help on any new or old technology.
He knows the answer to anything and everything to do with technology.
John is also looking forward to finding out about new technologies.
John comes across as someone who is very passionate about technology.
New technology and he have been there, always willing to try new things.
John is always proactive in using new and better technologies.
John is always on the vanguard when it comes to new technology.
And he knows enough about the technology to keep everyone honest.
John always attempts to make the best possible technologically.
He is very thorough and uses technology as it should be used.
John is both an innovative and very effective director of technology and people.
More than a director, he was a great information facilitator.
He is very knowledgeable of information technologies and the required platforms.
John's knowledge of all aspects of information technology is impressive.
John has been an incredible resource for technology information.
He provided valuable information regarding technology resources.
His course was thorough, informative, but most of all time.
He is an excellent course director and his delivery is coherent and informative.
The information he provided and the materials he prepared for us were both informative and inspirational.
If he does not have the information on something he always gets back to me the same day.
I was particularly amazed by his understanding of various technologies being from a different technology domain from his.
I was particularly impressed by his technological aptitude and eagerness to use the latest advances in technology.
Thinking outside the box, to bring new technology and twists to existing technology, is just one of his attributes.
John has a deep understanding of technology and is also able to clearly articulate the value of that technology.
John knows what technology is current and worthwhile as well as what technologies are a flash in the pan.
He has an excellent grasp of technology, both in use for his assignment and newer potential technologies.
He has a good grasp of the technology fundamentals which allows him to move between technologies.
His grasping of technologies is commendable and has helped him grasp multiple technologies.
Him columns cover the latest in technology and invent one to explore the technology.
His technology breadth is vast and he can give answers to any technology issues.
He is a technology crazy guy, always hooked up for new technologies and gadgets.
His ability to explain technology in a non-technological manner is tops.
He always knows the answer or knows who to ask for the correct information.
He provided both them and me with the correct information about each other.
John is honest and forthcoming with his information, and provides individuals with the information that they need to make the best decision possible.
He is also able to make informed decisions and respond to requests for information promptly.
He's never satisfied with the way things are but is always looking for how, especially with technology, to do things better.
He is always willing to take on new challenges and he keeps up with the latest technologies.
John also knows what he is talking about as he has kept himself up to date with technology.
Beware, he will make you re-think, and get you to move forward in the age of technology.
John always led by example and made sure that he was up to speed on new technologies.
And now he is going to have the technology to make some very exciting things happen.
He is an expert in what he does and really, really knows all the relevant technology.
He also provided insight as to how one might better use the technology that we had.
People who know me think of me as someone with him pulse on the latest technology.
He is also very in touch with technology changes and is always ahead of the curve.
He is the one whom you can look upon to unwind the toughest of the technology.
He is enthusiastic, experienced and he definitely keeps up with the technology.
John has distinguished himself because he thoroughly understands technology.
He always tries to be on the edge of the new technologies and methodologies.
He is truly perceptive, and knows his way very well in terms of technology.