Information Technology Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Information Technology Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I could rely on him to manage his area and keep me well informed.
I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone in need of an information technology solution.
I read some of his articles on latest technologies which were very informative.
He was able to provide us with useful information about our company technology.
He's a great manager of people, and really stays on top of his information and technology.
But outside of his official duties, he has always been willing to help with help with technological and informational problems that were encountered.
He was always well informed and up to date with all current and future trends of all these technologies.
He is always up on new technologies and is eager to share new information with the group.
John would be an excellent addition to any company in the information technology arena.
His passion for information technology is contagious and causes others to follow suit.
He is forward thinking, and always informed on the latest trends and technology.
John is a visionary who is always on the cutting-edge of information technology.
He always kept himself up-to-date with technology and related information.
John consulted with me on several occasions concerning information management technology.
He is always up to date with technology and understands the best usages for different technology stacks.
His analysis of this information demonstrates that he really "gets" the technology.
He is engrossed in learning new inventions in information technology.
He has a very versatile experience with information technology.
He makes very informed decisions on how and when to apply each technology given then specific scenario.
John's breadth and depth in the area, information technology have been often amazing.
He has an in-depth understanding of current information management and compliance issues and the technologies that can be applied to help manage them.
John is one of my consistent go to partners when it comes to information technology questions or issues.
He was very helpful with new installs and keeping us informed with new technology.
He presented the latest technology information in an interesting and insightful way.
The class was more than informative and he provided an environment within the class for us to explore this new era of technology.
John really understands how to help a company move forward into the future when it comes to their information technology.
He provides us an information technology that will make you stop, and rethink for a positive result.
His use of technology and an obvious passion for sharing information sets him apart from the crowd.
John has a deep understanding of information technology and its current trends.
He knows banking, government, and information technology-and much, much more.
John's expertise in information technology proved invaluable to our group.
He makes a conscious effort to stay informed of technology trends.
John has managed a wide variety of technology environments/teams and he is able to leverage this information daily.
John is an amazing leader of the firm's technology and information management groups.
I have also benefited of his good team management and information technology capabilities.
John is an excellent information technology executive and a very good manager.
He is the consummate information technology program manager and strategist.
He is constantly looking for technology to automate or inform his job.
John is very aware of the ever changing technology, and made sure to do his best to keep others informed as well.
John's has a very good handle on the new and existing technologies and tends to be our go to person for information and qualification of technology.
John gave me priceless information on how to get ahead in my career using the latest technology.
John offers vision tempered with reality that inform his technology decisions.
He is a valuable asset to any information technology organization.
I recommend him highly for any position of management or supervision in the information technology field.
John created value through application of technology to an immense flow of information.
John has always kept me informed and expertly managed his fees and costs.
He ensured that we had access to and awareness of the most up to date information and technology available.
The most important aspect of having him as a colleague dwells outside of information technology.
He has new information, a new way to present it, and keeps it fresh and in touch with today's technology.
John stays on top of the latest technologies and information, being sure to push himself every day.
One of his key strengths is an information technology and he has put this to good use.
He speaks with absolute authority and integrity on all aspects of information management and technologies.
I highly recommend him, especially his expertise in information technology and management skills.
He is excellent in implementing new technology and at managing the old.
Him passion and drive to bring innovation in information technology is unmatched.
He knows more because he is able to get information from more players and make the extra-effort to understand new technologies coming.
John is a self-learner, business/customer oriented, knows technology very well and he is always well informed about tech innovations.
John definitely misses our thought-provoking discussions about the coming trends in the technology and information sector.
He always is abreast of the latest trends in technology and is a fount of information on just about everything.
He proved to be a very good colleague, very well informed about new technologies, always ready to help you.