Information Technology Technician Performance Review Phrases Examples

Information Technology Technician Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very informative, but even better connects with everyone with the right amount of information for you to walk away with something of value.
He kept me informed every step of the way, replying to any questions quickly and informatively.
He has helped us on more than one occasion get through some very serious issues as it pertains to our information technology.
John was always informed about new technologies and could clearly identify the cons and pros in them.
John never shies away from a challenge, and instead welcomes new information or technology.
He keeps current and updated information about new technologies, books, and certifications.
Exceedingly capable, his passion and interest in new technologies, both inspire and inform.
His deep understanding and expertise in regards to information technology is impressive.
John is incredibly intelligent and on top of the latest information technology.
John is the missing link we need in this new-age era of information technology.
He can distill the technology into understandable information for the rest of us.
He is very well informed on a multitude of current and upcoming technologies.
The cutting edge of technology and information is where he likes to be.
John has a broad and deep understanding of information technology.
He's literally a walking encyclopedia on information technologies.
John provided the best information and was always available for every question.
People couldn't believe how much information he was willing to share.
He also goes above and beyond with his candidates to make sure they have all of the information they need about the hiring company to make an informed decision.
Always up to date with the needed information concerning his work & concerning technology.
He knows his information-technology inside and out, and readily shares his knowledge.
His curiosity about technology keeps him well-informed and resourceful.
Not only was him information accurate and so informative, him an actual presentation was perfect.
He is well informed and presents information in a superior manner.
John is my go-to person for information about what's going on in the technology space.
He is always keen about having in depth information about everything and enjoys sharing this information to everyone.
John is always up-to-date on what is happening, and always looking for ways that information technology can be used to do more good, rather than just to make money.
John's technology skillset was invaluable to his constituents and he was always agreeable to getting the information we needed.
John is amazingly adept at information technologies, and when he sees something that needs to be done, he jumps in to do it.
I am so very thankful that he had kept me involved and informed of the new green standards and green technologies.
He always has up to date information on the latest technologies and ensures that he is in sync with the competition.
Him the ability to pick up new information and technology quickly, then forward it on efficiently was amazing.
John is excellent in finding even the most passive candidates for positions in information technology.
He backs that up with a solid backgrounding in the technology and information he needs to succeed.
Also, he is a gizmo freak and has nuggets of useful information on any piece of technology.
He' not afraid to question when something doesn't seem right, or he needs further information.
He is always available for any questions and provides with as much information as necessary.
He kept me well informed all through it and was more than willing to answer my questions.
You always knew where you were with him as soon as he had the information to share.
John has kept me very well informed and he is very responsive to all the questions.
More than that, he was always willing to share the information which was vast.
All the information he ever provided us was always consistent and punctual.
He has always provided me with useful information to help grow our company.
Definitely an honor to share information with him as he is one of the best.
John keeps me well informed about the company's needs and expectations.
He is easy to get along with and always willing to share his information.
He always keeps me informed of any an all goings-on at his company.
John is someone who believes in the value of sharing information.
He has an informal style, but knows exactly what needs to be done.
John has always been candid with the pros and cons of an opportunity so that one has the best possible information to make informed decisions.
John is an exceptional technician who can spot the right solution without getting bogged down in the technology.
He is a great technician, self-motivated, willing to learn and try new technologies.
He is passionate about technology and many different platforms.
Beside that, he knows very well the our company technology platform overall.
John is a passionate technician, always looking for the right technology pattern to solve each problem.
He has the ability to entwine humor with information, which, as we know, is the best way to make sure that the information stays with you after one of his presentations.
Without his diligence we would not have that information from which to make our decisions.
He was always willing to take on the next task and kept me informed of his progress.
He doesn't just take the same information and repeat it to another party.
John provided committee members with very thorough information.
He was not only informative and motivating, he is really fun.