Infrastructure Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Infrastructure Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is a terrific project manager that is highly organized and he is able to manage people, projects and deliverables.
As an excellent manager, he has managed key projects of the organisation with ease.
John does an excellent job with change management and project management.
John took responsibility for his components of the project and was our go to guy for infrastructure.
He was responsible for handling all infrastructure requirements for projects.
Even though he managed many projects of his own, he always made himself available for his team.
He managed his team just as he manages his projects, efficiently, fairly and proactively.
John is an amazing manager, who manages his projects, and his team very efficiently.
He had been great in every role in managing the project and also managing the team.
John is well organized and decisive when managing his projects.
John is an exceptional project manager who extends far beyond the project management mandate to deliver complete client satisfaction.
John was the project manager in one of the work streams of third party management.
John is an effective detail oriented manager who can manage complex and large scale infrastructure projects.
He always had time for me and helped me to understand the infrastructure of the project we were on.
In this role he brilliantly managed a team of several highly qualified project managers who are involved in various projects.
I had the pleasure of working with him for many infrastructure projects.
John is able to manage big project that needs an overall knowledge of several infrastructural components.
John is a very good project manager, especially when it comes to customer facing projects.
He excels at project management and collaboration across an enterprise.
He has been handling pressure and managing project under stress.
Also, he knows how to manage projects and get people on board to get things done succinctly.
I wish him all the best and recommend him for managing key deliverables / projects.
His commitment was great for managing the overall projects for the department.
He was equally concerned with the project and the people he was managing.
I liked his non-intrusive style of managing people and projects.
John's management style was to give people, projects and not micro-manage every aspect.
He successfully delivered some infrastructure projects which had previously been stalled.
It enables him to manage the most complex infrastructure projects, including the obligate touch of humor.
I was one of his managers and would happily have him on my team at my next project.
He knows very well how to manage teams and projects very well, in his its own way.
John was an exceptional project manager and always got the best out of the team.
We have partnered on several projects that he has managed for my team.
His teams were very happy with the way he managed them on projects.
John was one of the most capable project managers in the team.
I believe he would be an asset to any project management team.
He has also jumped in and managed the offshore team and managed their project deliverables.
He is seen as both a great project manager and outstanding team manager.
He excels in complex project management and managing global teams.
He is a big project management advocate that volunteered his time and efforts to help less capable project managers to become better at what they do.
John has managed and promoted many projects that were successful in our company.
He was a project manager in the infrastructure group at the time and did an excellent job of juggling many projects and tasks.
While managing his projects, he proactively reached out to infrastructure and operations teams regarding needs for his projects.
He can be relied on to manage his projects and to get the job done in time.
John provide me guidance and expertise on how projects should be managed.
John organization would be lucky to have him managing projects and people.
John is a detail-oriented manager who watches all aspects of the project he is managing.
John worked with me on a project to decommission infrastructure.
Evgen was working on a few large projects managed by me (and on many other projects as well).
John is an outstanding project manager who always stays on top of what is happening in his projects and with his customers.
John is very experienced in managing projects throughout all levels within an organization.
John is a very likeable, dependable and persistent project manager.
He has helped open opportunities and project managed engagements.
John is a highly professional and competent infrastructure project manager who has managed projects ranging from the simple to very complex and strategic.
His innovative approaches to managing the complexity in infrastructure were crucial to the continuing success of the project.
John was key to the successful management of the overall project from start to launch.
John is the project manager to go to when important titles come down the pipeline.
John's job required him to concurrently manage several major projects.
In addition, he is a project oriented individual who is capable of managing different projects simultaneously very well.
John was one of the best on the team and this was the view held by all his project managers.
He will definitely an asset to any team and he is really very good at project management.