Initiative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Initiative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Does not need close supervision in any functions, works well without any supervision.
Always a goal oriented person sets priorities and accomplishes them.
A highly creative person who is skilled in finding ways to perfect the performance.
A great supporter of new ideas, goals and working methods no matter who suggests them.
Shows creativity and initiative when tackling complicated tasks or problems.
Shows high energy in undertaking challenges related to the assigned tasks.
Always willing to accept responsibility for the tasks given and remain accountable.
Always ready to take on more tasks even before finishing the first.
Must always be under close supervision to perform or complete any task.
Highly inactive and not ready to learn any new skills or develop older ones.
A difficult person who is too difficult to handle generally or follow rules.
Does not think outside the box.
Always afraid of making concrete decisions.
Does not generate any new ideas and recognize new solutions for problems.
He is creative, responsive and very warm.
I am more confident in myself and more decisive.
I had the opportunity to work with John on several occasions.
I would highly recommend John to any business manager looking for a person who takes ownership and responsibility for the tasks.
A great, fun personality yet highly professional person I can recommend for any job.
John is very organized and detail oriented.
I highly recommend John' to any organisation seeking to better their performance through honing their skills and utilizing the tools that they already have to their fullest extent.
I can recommend John as an innovator and an implementer who is all about results.
If you have the chance - make sure you get along to one of these presentations.
I learned so much from my time working alongside John.
I could not recommend John highly enough.
I can highly recommend John to anyone who seriously wants to change, improve and reach higher goals in their organization.
If you're looking for the best chances of finding a profitable promotional partner, John is the way to go.
I would recommend John to any business looking to grow and explore new ideas.
I have learnt a lot from John and will always be thankful for the opportunities given.
If you get a chance to spend time with John, do it.
I look forward to having the opportunity to work again with John.
Always grateful for the opportunities given to me while I was with the company.
It was a great learning experience in client management and I worked with a wonderful team as well.
I have worked with John as a client and recommended others.
I would recommend you to anyone looking to improve their own personal branding.
I know quite a lot of people who are really smart; creative, but quite a lot of people talk too much but do too less.
I would rate John's overall performance as excellent.
I am eager to find opportunities to do business together.
A consistent high performer and an overall great guy everyone can get along with.
John is one of the most generous people I know and a pleasure to work with.
I learned so many things I didn't know and now have put into practice.
Always willing to explore new things and open for continuous learning.
John is an experienced, communicative and flexible professional, quick and responsible in situations requiring urgent decisions.
It was my pleasure to work closely with John more than 1 year.
I would definitely recommend following John.
Well-organized, result oriented and at the same time a very pleasant person to work with.
John is an initiative, enthusiastic and skilled person with great communication skills.
I highly recommend working with John at any opportunity.
Has an excellent delivery management skill.
It was a great collaboration and learning experience every time, wherein we explored different features to get best results.
Has excellent network and knowledge of the industry.
It was a wonderful learning experience for all of us.
I certainly would recommend John to others.
I do not know who else could I have asked to help me with this task.
Very effective communicator and well organized in all ways.
John actively seeks to learn new things, and take on new challenges.
This greatly increased my chances of finding my next job opportunity.
I look forward to our continued opportunities to assist one another.
Very bright, full of ideas and ready to take on any challenge.
I hope to find more opportunities to develop our joint commercial opportunities.