Innovation Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Innovation Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is always looking to innovate and trying new things and have always managed to deliver more than what was expected.
I must he be one of such managers who love to think out of the box and do innovations.
John is an innovative manager who's passionate about being innovative and creative.
John is not only an accomplished innovator, he inspires others to innovate.
John is an innovative thinker with the management experience to make those innovations successful.
Creativity and innovation in what he does and provides, are his strengths.
He always wants to do something different and innovative in his assignments.
He is innovative and if he can't do something he knows someone who can.
John probably wouldn't describe himself this way, but he is an innovator.
John can be attributed with much of the progress we made in innovation management under his leadership.
John is an innovative and multitalented manager that distinguishes himself from others.
John was an outstanding innovative manager who was well respected and liked by all.
He is not only an innovative and efficient manager, but also an inspiring colleague.
Thanks to him innovative traits him management of the unexpected is exceptional.
John is very energetic and innovative manager who delivers his commitments.
He tends to outperform any task and manages to always come up with quite innovative ideas.
He is organized, responsive, and innovative in his management approach.
John went beyond encouraging and cultivating innovation, he championed innovation.
He is very innovative and emphasized that innovation need not necessarily be complex.
John delivered all that was asked and brought innovation with his innovation.
John is a forward thinking innovator who manages the right balance between innovation and capabilities.
John is innovative in his management of faculty the teaching they offer.
He came up with innovative solutions to help us manage difficult situations.
Always comes up with something very innovative and different which makes him stand out in his league.
And you can see that he is always looking for a better and more innovative way to get things done.
Working with him over the years he never fails to come up with something new and innovative.
John is really innovative and is able to look at things from really different perspectives.
Last, but not least, he is an innovator and is always willing to be fearless when needed.
John is an innovator, someone who can see the future and someone who makes things happen.
John is someone who can think out-of-the box and come up with very innovative ideas.
John is innovative in everything he does, as well as being adventurous and flamboyant.
I can say he is an innovator, or that he is passionate but that's already been said.
The status quo has never been enough for him and he looks at innovative alternatives.
John as well is innovative and always look out for new ways of doing things better.
He is innovative, optimistic and always willing to help others whenever possible.
John was brought on to help us define what to do next that was truly innovative.
Listening and coming up with the most appropriate innovation is him specialty.
He always has innovative ideas and gets the most out of everything he does.
He is someone who is innovative and not afraid to try out the new and better.
I have found him to be innovative and has an ability to think out of the box.
He can also think outside the box if you are looking for innovative ideas.
He will be my go-to guy when we are in the need for truly innovative starters.
He is also having very innovative ideas and can help in strategy/analysis.
John is passionate about what he does and is innovative and insightful.
He's passionate about innovation and always looks to go beyond the norm.
He is innovative, has vision, and actually knows how to make it happen.
He always encouraged me to be innovative and come up with my own ideas.
Even when we do innovative stuff, we do not have to brief him for ages.
In such an innovative approach such as the one used; he also managed to follow up and keep in touch.
He helped me on entrepreneurship, innovation, management, and most importantly: friendship.
I highly recommend him both as an innovator and a manager for these and many more reasons.
I like his way how he looks critically at entrepreneurship and innovation management issues.
John was a very inspiring, innovative manager that pushed you to think outside the box.
John has been phenomenal in giving shape to some of the innovative management ideas.
People management starts with him, with his innovative ways to handle the situation.
He manages to stay on the forefront of innovations and trends in the marketplace.
John is inspiring and friendly manager, who inspires innovation and progress.
John is an innovative thinker, meticulous manager and wonderfully insightful.
John is a seasoned manager who is enriched with new ideas and innovation.
John introduced the use of innovative methods and tools for management.
John is not just an innovator, but he is innovative about innovation.
The blog provides him with innovation insights and new approaches to innovation management.
What makes him different from other managers are his out-spoken and innovative character.
John is one of the most thoughtful and innovative managers around.
He always managed to take an innovative and creative approach to managing changes that were happening in his organization.
He used to be very innovative in whatever he deals with and he was one of the favorite grads among all managers.
Without fail, he manages to help him, and others, see the world in new and innovative ways.
His innovative approach to management was not only exceptional, but refreshing.
As a manager, he always looks at constant improvement and innovation.
He doesn't over-manage, suffocate enthusiasm or stifle innovation.
One of his best aptitudes is that he is always willing to make new things and innovate.
He knows how not to push so far that it becomes an innovation for innovation's sake.
He can innovate the way the things are usually made into something extraordinary.
He looks first for what can be done better, and he is an instinctive innovator.
John always seems to be ahead of the curve, in regards to innovation.
He always seems to know what the next innovation will be before it happens.
Simultaneously, he was very forward looking and always ready to innovate.
Additionally, he is an innovator; he knows how to think outside the box.
Look forward to many more innovations with him in the near future.
He has also always opened to try new things and be innovative.
His approach to innovation, is as you would hope, innovative.
He is an innovative manager who is always looking for a better way to accomplish goals.
He always managed to come up with innovative and unexpected solutions for our problems.
John provided innovative solutions for survey management and analysis.
It is this combination of self-belief and receptiveness to others that makes him an exceptional innovator and manager.
The brainstorms that he managed were always exciting and full of innovative ideas.
The most recent years he globally inspires managers and organizations to innovate.
He prepared and managed several excellent innovation launches very successfully.
His management style allowed him to be innovative and accomplish more in his role.
He proved himself as an innovative, challenge driven and effective manager.
He quickly adapts his management style towards the situation, is innovative.
He influenced with impact when pitching innovative ideas to management.
He takes leadership, management and innovation to the 'next' level.
At a management level he is very open, helpful and innovative.
As a manager he has innovated and offers great value for money.
John is an innovative manager who has an excellent capability to see the our company.
His ability to manage, his innovativeness and creativity, make him one of the best.
John the way he always wants to see how things can be done differently or better and how open he is to new and innovative ideas.
He not only challenged himself, but would challenge others around him to make our company and be innovative.
He is at his best when he is innovating, but he is also passionate about seeing it through to the end.
John is always questioning how he can do things better, and is an innovative thinker.
He is an innovator who will always come out on top with whatever he gets himself into.
He provides innovative approaches, always comes comes through, and never says 'never'.
John will often think outside of the box and innovation seems to come effortlessly.
John is always looking for innovation and often knows how to exploit it profitable.
Despite this he is always open for something new and well perceives innovation.
He is very innovative and enthusiastic and will do well in whatever he pursues.
He gets along well with others and is innovative in coming up with new ideas.
He will do all those things and continue to surprise you with his innovations.
He will have you doing innovative things that you thought you could never do.
John we would see each other somewhere in the future, where innovation's evolved.
He always made himself available for feedback, brainstorming and innovation.
He is innovative and always had the best ideas to take us to the next level.
His ideas are always above and beyond as well as innovative and thoughtful.
He can get you anything you want and he always has cool, innovative ideas.
Many of his innovations from several years ago are still being used today.
His innovation is extraordinary and there's nothing that he can't tackle.
He's innovative in his approach and is someone that never, says never.
He is fast and innovative - two things that do not always go together.
John is an innovative entrepreneur, always ahead of his colleagues
Working with him has always been innovative and highly stimulating.
He is all about fun and because of this he stimulates innovation.
His innovation and dedication to what he does is very inspiring.
Independent in putting forth his own ideas, which are innovative.
He has an innovative mind that always thinks of new opportunities.
John loves trying out new things and is continuously innovating.
He constantly innovates to make things better and more effective.
John can be described as dedicated, optimistic and innovative.
His recommendations are always spot on, thorough, and innovative.
He not only understands innovation, but also practice innovation.
Him the cleverly innovative way of seeing things is very refreshing.
John is known for his passion towards innovation and premium.
He's innovative and tireless when it comes to getting it right.
John pushes for innovation whenever possible and appropriate.
That's how innovation and leadership have become his strengths.
He is very particular about his tasks and very innovative too.
John has the vision and determination to be truly innovative.
He provided leadership through his dedication and innovation.
John has proven himself to be an influencer and an innovator.
He is an innovator who consistently looks for the next trend.
He also has the ability to innovate and think out of the box.
His ways of getting things done are the most innovative ones.
With an innovative mind, he tries to do things the right way.
He is innovative but only to deliver what the our company needs, he won't just use innovation for its own sake.
While he was at our company, he was collaborative and innovative.